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  1. I've narrowed it down to the fact that we are running the EasyStats script on our dedicated server. Once I remove that, the cargo unload script is working and the cargo is showing at the LZ. EDIT: Moved over to SLMOD for tracking stats instead and can confirm it is now working as expected. Thanks for getting back to me @Surrexen!
  2. Definitely was within 150m. I tried 4 separate times all landing exactly where the construction site smoke was. Thanks for checking! I'll post back if I see a change.
  3. Really enjoying the mission so far. I am having an issue with the helo construction at the moment though and I'm unsure of what the issue is. I am flying a huey to build roland ADS sites. I load the engineers into the helicopter. I take them to the site where I want to build the roland. I then try to deliver cargo containers but that is where I am having issues. I load the cargo containers successfully but when I deliver them to the smoked construction area the counter for what has been delivered when I use the F10 menu for roland construction is saying that 0 have bee
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