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  1. Thank you but for my everyday life it's too complicate. An A 10a with a couple of guided weapons is more easy to manage, historically correct, and more fun
  2. ED blocked a lot of things, they are superfast to block Mods like the extra Vikhr but needs years to fix a broken Shkval .....
  3. I accept to pay some extra bucks for an improved version of the A10 A
  4. Sorry that is the correct link : https://www.476vfightergroup.com/showthread.php?5893-Setting-up-a-Buttkicker-(or-other-transducers)
  5. My setup is working quite good, I use the suggestion of this website. https://www.reddit.com/r/simracing/comments/eh4xp6/diy_bass_shaker_setup_with_70_already_cant_live/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf He also suggest the use of Voice meeter to have better quality for the Bass. That's why I want give a try but the info from the guy are very few, at least for me....
  6. Hi, I made a buttkicker with 2 trasducers. All is functioning ok but I read often that people use Voicemeeter Banana to improve the settings. I can't find anything related the configuration for DCS, ex. settings of the virtual sound card, and of the 2 physical ones to cut the levels and improve the bass on the usb that drive the shakers. It's really worth use it ? Thank you for your help
  7. Anyone use a Buttkicker with this software ? I need help with the configuration...
  8. Seems to be a bad hw combo. To solve this kind of problems I made a second partition with a W10, One partition is for everyday work, the second one just for dcs FS and xp11, so I have a lclean os and I can refresh it very fast. The flight sims are installed in another m.2 pciE drive and I just backup the profile before reinstall the OS Also Steam vr Beta have problems at the moment....
  9. No big issues here with the G2, the resolution is unbelievable compared to the oculus, maybe your is just a unlucky combo.... Ryzen 5 3600 Rtx 3070 32gb 3200 B450 chipset
  10. Same here, G2 and rtx 3070. Fps perfect when the gpu works around 70% and when go until 80 90 % fps will die.... Time for a fix
  11. X_legio

    Lost Mouse

    I have a problem, maybe someone can help me with the solution. I start DCS using this pattern: - WMR for Steam - then from inside DCS all is functioning perfect, but if during a mission I press esc and then take off my VR for more than 5mins they will go in Standby. When I will put the VR headset back the screen is black ( of course they are in Stanby), after few seconds the image come back but I can not move the mouse, it's not moving anymore also in the monitor. But if I take out again the VR headset I can see the mouse moving on the monitor, I ca
  12. Here too, I have a loadout with Mav, GBU97 and Rockeye but I can only switch beetween the first 2. This happens also if I change loadouy ex. cbu 87 instead of Rockeye
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