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  1. to put a conclusion on this thread this is what im deciding to go for its not entirely finished and im still trying to sort out the gpu but i should be fine sorting it out. thank you all again for your responses.
  2. im reading all of these replies and i am grateful for all of them and ive learned a lot from them. but i think its important to mention im going to do an intel build because im able to get large discounts on many good products. i feel like im set for the cpu but the main thing im having an issue with is getting a suitable gpu for the oculus rift s. i have my eye on the rtx 2070 super but i know its not perfect and for some missions i would have to turn down graphics. again thank you for your replies and if you know anything about what i mentioned please let me know.
  3. would an rtx 2070 super be suitable for dcs vr and if not are there any better ones at an affordable price? (sub 600 euro) thanks!
  4. Hi I’d like to get into DCS world but I’m still quite young and don’t know much about pc hardware. I’m aware that most dcs setups work best above €1700 but unfortunately I don’t have that kind of money. I don’t have a flight stick or any ir headtracking and I have about an additional €300 for that stuff apart from the pc something I think I should buy are the Logitech x52 pro (€160) and some sort of IR head tracking (€60) im going to have to buy a new monitor but I can account for that myself If anyone has any recommendations please let me know. Thanks!
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