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  1. i've got numerous planes and the toe brakes work in those planes, p-51 a-10 f-86 just won't let me bind my toe brakes for the f-16, confirmed airplane mode.
  2. heres my issue, tfrp rudder pedals, when i go to mapp my toe brakes I get nothing doesn't recognize them or something tried all I could think of Help please.
  3. anybody else have an issue with the f 86 being frozen? when i try to fly the cap mission it starts out mid air and frozen have to reboot to get out of the sim no buttons work not eve ctrl alt delete, any thoughts?
  4. I'm new to DCS so bear with me please, when I do a intercept mission protect my base, I don't see the enemy planes even tho I orbit the field, is something missing or am I doing something wrong, it says mission failed enemy reached your base. as I said very new here.
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