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  1. Same problem for me, any way to solve this problem, I know it's a thing of drivers so I've also win XP64 in other partition and works ok but in win 7 I have this problem too. I try all solutions that I found in Google but anyone works, run in admin, re-install, unistall, disconnect, delte all entries in regedit ...... Mapped plugin module "C:\Program Files (x86)\Thrustmaster\TARGET\Plugins\sys.dll" Physical USB HID devices managed by script! Currently plugged USB HID devices[2]: 1: "Throttle - HOTAS Warthog" - "USB\VID_044F&PID_0404&REV_0100" 2: "Joystick - HOTAS Warthog" - "
  2. Good day gents, I installed my old Flaming Cliffs under win 7 but i have some problems with starforce under invistigating I discover that i need to install a new drivers for starforce in my computer and I installed, but after installed Starforce don't recognized my dvd original of Flamming cliffs it request to me a key ????? and this is that I have [redacted by moderator] please could you send to me the key??????
  3. Problem solved, was turn off the aceleration 3D in the directX options, direct draw and directX.
  4. I try everything i remove the driver other time and install the lock on for 3 times and anything the problem persist. I use the driver cleaner and anything, i don't know what happends.
  5. The graphics card works fine with the rest of simulators Fs2004, Xplane 8, IL2 PF, and games in general Call of duty 2 etc. I only have this problem with LOCK ON FC thanks
  6. Hello everybody this morning i try to launch lock on, but i can i've got a messege about DXrenderer.dll and the typical windows of winXP to close program. I don't touch anything in the directory of lock -on in months. I try all that i thoght Reinstall lock on 2 times Reinstall drivers of Nvidia 4 times (newest and oldest) Reinstal directX 9.0c 1 time My computer is Mainboard AV8 + AMD3500 + 2Gb Geil memory DDR400 in dual channel + SB live 5.1 + Geforce 6800 LE Leadtek A400 128 mb + Realtek 100/1Gb lan PCI card. I know that if i reinstall all windows i can solve the problem b
  7. 256 kbits up is too low for 8 players, maximun 6 players. The code of lomac for net is very bad, it's clear that the code isn't debugged, but doesn't matter i think with time and money that problem will be solved.
  8. For the drastic decissions drastic solutions, i'll never buy the lock on 1.1, reasons, i have computer and portatil i change the computer every year, after three re-register i don't know why i need to pay anymore. That's it, i fly now more il2 and more fs2004 or return Flanker 2.51 or Lomac 1.02.
  9. If Starforce is choosen as anticopy protecction of Lock-on 1.1 i will not buy the game. More if i need to use my credit card to buy this. If you want to do vell the things choose other protection, if u wanna do things well, u should start now from the beginning. HASP
  10. There are other applicattion in http://www.lockoncampaign.com section library called lock on results that generate in main directory of lomac an archive in txt format or xml with the all events in the multiplayer mission and works very good.
  11. Hi Jetfire in my case, the lua script don't create any Html document i send you a message with the error.log
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