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  1. Is there any lamps, and airport lightings for my new unpaived airport?
  2. Hello, Is there anything like the lamps on official DCS World airports, that i can use with Mission Editor and put them where i want on map and make lightning for my unpaived runway or helipad?
  3. @upuaut what is this MI-8 ladder rar folder? What will that add to mi 8 ? Leftt door ladder ? How to install it and how to use it ? Can anyone help me please ?
  4. Hello, Trying to buy new setup for sim and reach another level (right now having only stick(20$)) Will i be able to enter a stable hover with this setup in title.. I red that these pedals are little bit sensitive... Will i be able to hover with MI 8 without "unreal" movements of rudder or stick or throtle(collective)? If you have any expirience with these things, share wirh me and the others.. Im ready to spend 200$ for setup (i know, not that much).. in Bosnia some stuffs are more expensive than in other Europe countries..
  5. I will come to home for 4 hours, and ill screen it for you..
  6. Hello, I made collective stick with piece of plastic and JOYPAD, and when i join simulator (first of all i make sure that everything is calibrated properly in Control Panel), and i try to fly MI 8.. joystick wont go fully down in simulator, no matter if i invert axis and try pulling collective down (in simulator it should go up, and it does but when i came to the end it doesnt go fully down) i tryed other axis and try to invert joypad (in real life) still it doesnt go down fully its always 35° up.. When i inverted real joypad i realized that is not joy pad problem, its some simulator prob
  7. No, cable is ok, temperature ok, im not overclocking, just using gaming mode. @BIGNEWY even if im using all settings to low i never seen pixels in DCS, i open up to CSGO right now and i see pixels that i never seen before.. I dont know why.. maybe some other drivers or IDK rly.. "There were some problems installing updates, but we'll try again later. If you keep seeing this and want to search the web or contact support for information, this may help: (0x80070424)" When i click in windows updater "Check for updates"!
  8. dcs.log I have to say that i see some pixels in other games..
  9. Thank you, im not at home now, you will get my dcs log for 1 hour..
  10. Yeah i did now, and i got back my options in nvidia cp, but pixels are still there..
  11. Hello, I got some viruses and i had to reinstall system, it worked, i dont have viruses.. I installed DCS again and its not looking same, i see some pixels, and DCS is not looking that good.. I put same settings in game, and in NVIDA CP, also i dont have same options in NVIDIA cp for some reason..(i dont have low latency,max frame rate, and some other options) if someone can explain why ?
  12. Link is not working for me.. it just says The page is not available!
  13. Do you think this first link ? I cant open it.. When i click on post u send it opens FARP Madsen.. It just says The page is not available! Which link do i have to download to get these ?
  14. Hmm, i still didnt managed to make it work, acutally its very difficult .. Do you have any expirience in making something like that ?
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