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  1. Do you mean you have to set course in DCS (which is true), or do you mean it also works likes this in real-life? It is technically possible to provide steering direction towards the runway based on ILS alone (without setting the course). That does not mean that the A-10C does not require you to set the course, I don't know how it works in real-life.
  2. I am actually following these steps. I know ILS works, because I get a glidescope. So I see two steering bars. Setting course should not have an effect indeed, but it seems it does have an effect in the sim. Bug?
  3. Do you know how to fly on ILS only in the DCS A-10CII, or on raw ILS data as you put it? I can't get it to work without setting the course in the HSI.
  4. I think from the PHAK (Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge). Baltic Dragons campaign 'The Enemy Within' also mentions this as the course to use for Kobuleti, from the frag order: Here you see that the approach course to use for runway 07 is 064o. Using 70o will get you to the runway, but not aligned perfectly. Did you ever notice that you are not aligned perfectly if you set the course to 70o? Perhaps the difference is too small to notice if you fly in visual meteorological conditions?
  5. I know, but in my opinion this is not precise The precision with which I can set this is about 0.5o, or about lateral displacement 50 ft per nautical mile distance. Like I said, it is not a big deal. Butt if you use ILS, the steering bars should steer you to the center of the localizer beams. Apparently it does not do that, but it steers you to the course you set. If you enter the correct runway heading, it works well enough for me, but still it shouldn't be necessary.
  6. So, I checked the ILS at Kobuleti. Approached runway 7, ILS tuned to 111.50 MHz, ILS selected at the NMSP. I can confirm that you need to set the course for the flight director to work. Didn't know that you had to do that in DCS. Guess I never noticed because I typically approach the airfield using TACAN (for which I do set the course). Using the course knob is rather imprecise, for example for Kobuleti you have to set it to 64o (70o minus 6o magnetic variation). It is kind of hard to set it exactly to the runway direction. Well, it is manageable I guess, but it would be nice if it
  7. Are you talking about the ILS localizer? As far as I know the localizer uses two beams. One beam is pointed a bit to the left of the centerline of the runway, the other a bit to the right. Both transmit at different frequencies (offset from the carrier frequency). By measuring the relative signal strength you can figure out where you are in relation to the runway centerline. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instrument_landing_system_localizer A VOR works by transmitting an omni directional signal and a directional beam that rotates. By measuring the phase betwe
  8. I completely agree with you. You know, there is a certain "sightseeing simulator" that simply allows you to change fuel state mid-flight. Enabling such a fuel menu near a tanker would be a nice idea. AAR is all good and fun when you succeed, but boy, it can be frustrating as well. An auto refuel option, or whatever you would call it, would certainly enable longer missions for me.
  9. Hi, thanks for the upload. I tried the mission, but got stuck after during the testing of the flaps. I'm pretty sure BIFF mentioned something about the lights, which I neglected, so perhaps it is that. Anyway I had no clue how to proceed, I flipped all the lights switches, moved the flaps up and down, but to no avail. Having a way to recover after user error, or having BIFF repeat the last instruction would be nice option. Until then, it was great, a very thorough start-up procedure that is way more entertaining than a checklist. Normally I follow a quick startup (I'm always in a h
  10. Not too bad, it starts with a few simpler missions and they get harder as you go along. It has a great story line and it allows you to learn the systems mission by mission. If you have troubles advancing to the next mission there is always the option to "complete" the mission by landing at the airbase.
  11. I can highly recommended The Enemy Within 3.0, which also works for the A-10C II. Worth every penny.
  12. Well, I agree but AWACS can also be useful without a datalink, just by using voice comms. I think AWACS started out like that, just voice, but correct me if I'm wrong about that. I would be interested to know if current A-10s do have the same datalink as the USAF/USN. Btw, I'm playing The Enemy Within campaign right now and I do see the F-16s on my TAD, so that at least is working (I'm playing with the A-10C II).
  13. Thanks. It indeed seems to work as described in the manual. It does require some getting used to though.
  14. The patch notes from last Wednessday mention updates to the CMS HOTAS. Where can I find what these changes actually are?
  15. I'm preparing for mission 9 and noticed a small error in the mission description pdf: In the FRAGO page 6 the primary objective stated is "Destroy SAM and AAA in Anvil, engage targets of opportunity", I'm pretty sure that is the objective from mission 8, so probably a copy&paste error? It is almost not worth mentioning, but because mistakes are far and few between I thought I would mention it anyway. P.S.: Loving the campaign so far!
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