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  1. I desperately, desperately don't wanna be that guy - but is this the same as the last start-up by the same dude??? I'm honestly tryin' to stay positive, but, please, give us some info/plans?!
  2. Hi hegykc, Any Christmas update for us? What's the game plan - will you be releasing some of these goodies, soon?? Cheers, Joe
  3. Ah, yep, you are of course correct...
  4. Thanks for taking the time to provide an update - interesting regarding the GST - I've never yet had to pay that on an imported item. Do you think you were just unlucky, or did Fedex collect it automatically on behalf of Customs??
  5. This epoxy fix is a really good idea and very well executed, thanks for taking the time to post your solution here. But, I've said it before and I'll say it again - this shouldn't be necessary for a grip would cost me $369 AUD - approx $268 USD.
  6. Thanks again for the update, DZ. I will be keen to hear how your purchase experience goes - eg shipping times, etc. I'm pretty sold on the pedals, just interested in the purchase process!!
  7. I last heard from them on 5th Nov, basically saying Ali-express was all good - their words were "Yes, before our adjustment for ali-express shop, we don't recommend clients to order through it. But now everything is ok, our ali-express shop works normally. Please place the order through our ali-express shop." I said thanks, but haven't placed an order yet - other spending priorities have come up!
  8. I have - Daisy told me AliExpress was good to go!? She didn't mention it sucking kangaroo balls...
  9. I have been advised via email (05 Nov 20) from VKB Sales that their AliExpress shop is "fixed" for Aussie buyers... But I haven't tried to purchase yet.
  10. Congratulations on the new site - I hope it brings some commercial success your way. Magnificent build quality - I wish I had the cash and the space!!
  11. Appreciate your updates and efforts to resolve - hopefully it works out!
  12. Which would be a seemingly natural thing for you to do - given that their website directs you there!! :)
  13. I've emailed them - see what comes of it...
  14. Will do - I'm sure they'll give us an awesome deal for our 2-person "group-buy"!! :)
  15. I am so glad I found this thread - I am also in Australia and was about to order the VKB rudder pedals on Aliexpress - because that is the sales site LINKED ON THE VKB WEBSITE!!!?? Anyway, Dangerzone, please keep us updated on your experience ordering the pedals to Australia - cheers!
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