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  1. Ah - I see the "slots" - thanks - I wondered why there was so much apparent duplication! Of course, you're quite right about the "28" - I was going to leave it "burned in" anyway. It just got me thinking about the numbering methodology as an aside, as I came to build the skin. Now back to the paint shop ;-)
  2. Is there a way of getting at (and editing) the co-ordinates of where the aircraft numbers are placed on a model/texture? I'm doing a skin for ZK-WLM (based at Ardmore, New Zealand) and would like to place the number(s) on the nose, as opposed to on the rear fuselage. At the moment, I'm burning the number into the base texture, but would like to know if it's possible to use dynamic numbers. Adam.
  3. Ouch! As simple as that? LOL! I looked so hard as well ... honest!!! "Occupy Set 1" and "Occupy Seat 2". I kept looking for front/rear/cockpit/instructor ... you name it! Many thanks :-) Adam.
  4. I may be asking the same question. Is there a way of creating a single player/offline mission that allows you to jump back and forth between front and rear seat? Are there keyboard commands that do the switch (I couldn't find any)? What I'm after is the ability to fly from the front, but somehow enable the IFR hood so I can practise IFR approaches. Adam.
  5. Yay!!! Thanks for the info. :)
  6. I appear to have got this problem after the 1.52 update. It worked fine before. Nothing I can do will persuade my chute to deploy. When hitting the "P" key, I can see the cockpit animation/button moving but nothing happens. My hydraulics are fine (plenty of air) and all other systems are OK. I'm repaired/re-armed/re-fuelled etc. Still no go. Adam. EDIT: I double-checked: it *is* an air bleed - as shown in the gauge RH61. I have my wheel brakes set to an axis (foot pedals) as I thought it gave me better braking control. I'll try un-binding them and just using the W key. UPDATE: W
  7. Brixmis - you're a star!! I was trying to do it from within the mission. Going to the main config screen and trying there did the trick! Many thanks!!!!
  8. I had my Saitek Pro Pedals working fine in previous incarnations of DCS World (beta), but since the latest upgrade, I can't get them seen/recognised in DCS. They work fine for every other sim - and are seen by Win7x64 fine. Is there a config file somewhere where I could (manually) add them? Adam.
  9. I have the same problem, folks. Tried all the usual voodoo. Adam.
  10. Well ...I get mixed results. 9 times out of 10 I either get a black screen or an inoperative players listing - where I can't click on a slot. Every once in a while, I actually manage to connect - with no problems at all. I can't work what makes one attempt work while others fail. The problem is that there's no escape from the dreaded black screen. ALT-F4 or Task Manager quit is all I can do. Not very elegant!!! Adam.
  11. I'm really looking forward to this skin! Amazing, the level of detail that's going into it! Adam.
  12. Aaah right ... thanks. I think I must be thinking back to old Falcon3 campaigns, where you'd fail the mission if you didn't spend enough time visiting the various CAP waypoints.
  13. Thanks for the reply. Before I wreck my DCS install by playing with .lua files (LOL) ... Do you see the waypoints when in the mission proper (ie. F10 from in-aircraft)? I don't. I see them fine when creating/editing a mission, but can't see them anywhere else. OK ... so how would you cope with mission2 in the campaign (a CAP mission) if you've no idea where the CAP is meant to be? Without *editing* the mission, that is. EDIT: I swapped the two lua files over. I now get a kneeboard map (YAY!) - thanks - though it's quite zoomed in and doesn't show all the waypoints. However - still
  14. OpenBeta 1.50.45655 I'm starting the default campaign - but there are no waypoints or targets shown, either in the map view, mission briefing (or kneeboard). Basically, this makes the campaign *totally unusable* as you can't see CAP waypoints or mission targets (anywhere). How is one meant to proceed?
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