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  1. A lot of those older aircrsft didn't have nosewheel steering either. The a4e didn't but they added a feature of newer model for ease of use. Forget what the device the ground crew used to direct them with was called, but it probably will be a feature of the hb forrestal when we get that. Don't think a4s ever operated off the newer Nimitz class ships. There was a study done back in the 80s about bring back Oriskany as a light attack carriervwith only a4ms because everythingvelse was too heavy... thryvnever did that... and the Lexington was used up into the early 90s as training carrier and it might hsve operated the training variant of the A4... and there is woek going on for an essex class so we might see a scb update at sone point... but thr only nuke it makes sense to hsve that gear on is the old enterprise and earlier Nimitzes. A4, f8 maybe a vigilante used bridles as well. Not sure of A7.
  2. Having seen the A10 qualification campaigns ... although I've not yet played the A10... I'm wondering now if the best way to handle this is to create a carrier training campaign with a greater amount of coaching than the existing training scenarios that are included in modules right now. Call it naval aviator campaign and bring the T-45 on board. Having a voice over similar to other tutorial (but at present completely absent from SC) missions, would help address the overwhelming workload that falls on a pilot in last say 2 minutes of landing on a carrier. Just getting into the right position either altitude or bearing from the ship while maintaining angle of attack is difficult, and there isn't anything in the sim to trigger when you reach the right point so that as a user you can look out and see the carrier and create a mental picture of what the orientation of the ship and the tacan bearing etc look like etc. The existing missions work to a degree, they really don't bring everything together. They drop you into moments in time or just provide an empty playground. This is like a single dot in a connect the dots drawing or a blank piece of paper. Need all the dots and need to follow them in order.
  3. I'm not sure how this would work in practice because your glideslope is kind of a product of your aoa and fluctuations in speed... you can't really fly down a path and expect a good landing because the path is product of maintaining proper aoa and the vertical speed etc derives from that... if you just flew down a series of transparent rectangles like in pilot wings or something, your aoa and speed etc would flow from that and probably be out of limits. Its a bit more complex then that but and there are a lot of factors at play but the biggest impact I've noticed has been flying the right pattern and staying ahead of the aircraft.
  4. Ok I figured it it out. It wasn't working because I'm stupid. I was messing around with button mappings and somehow managed to delete thr brake binding on my joystick. I don't even know how. Everything is working now as it should except for me.
  5. I was doing the taxi and takeoff lesson and managed to get off the ground fine. I returned for a landing and the brakes just would not work at all. I heard the air cylinder during taxi prior to take off but there was just nothing upon landing. I don't recall having issues before this, but is a bit of an odd aircraft with the air system and all. I noticed there were some bindings in the controls for a brake lock, but I thought this had the effect of creating a parking brake by preventing air bleed after application of the brakes. I'm not sure if this was a bug or an oversight on my part.
  6. The issue isn't with the plane its with the fact you are trying to land on a ship. Hook or no isn't relevant if you are trying to develop a basic skill set that will alow you to routinely set up the same approach profile. The nature of FCLP means that unless you are just absolutely terrible and completely off, you have excess runway. Carriers don't. I can roll to a stop or bolter or recover farther down an actual runway. But any error on the carrier itself requires a greater degree of time investment to recover from.
  7. I'm uncertain. Never really messed with tacan in it yet. Pretty much brand new to the aircraft. I'll try it tonight and let you know.
  8. basically what it says. I can sit all day moving my trim settings around but there isnt any change in behavior. the inputs that I am making are displayed by the pitch indicator etc... but nothing actually seems to get sent to the control surfaces themselves. Same thing is happening with aileron trim. no roll behavior at all when I provide trim input there. Yes I know there is a long travel time for the trim settings in the F5 vs other aircraft. Did a search and eliminated that and force feedback as a culprit. I am using a VKB nxt stick and ive never had an issue until the F5.
  9. FlyingTaco21


    This is a bit of a ... well I'm not sure if it belongs here or in a map forum but since it would necessitate SC functionality I dropped it here: There is at least one base on each US coast that is set up as a carrier equivalent that has everything but the wires. Having something of this nature in sim would be of great help. In bridging the gap between airfield and carrier ops. The fact that it would be on an actual runway would cut down on reset time for practicing since you are no longer having to restart scenarios after short landings on a carrier etc. Very frustrating launch and go through all the myriad of thing necessary to get out away from the ship come back, enter the pattern, make a mistake, and spend another 15 minutes creating another approach, when on a properly set up field it would have just been a touch and go. Probably easiest to accomplish on the nevada map.
  10. wasn't sure if this system was considered VR.. so for lack of a better place... I've been messing around with this combination for about a day and have gotten it to the point that it seems usable in the f14, but on warbirds (especially the p51) I still have not been able to get the the calibrated so that i can finally look at the fuel gauges in the floor and over the shoulder. Some of this may be the limitations inherent to the software. Ive not been able to find a nice balance between null space and blair witch type twitchiness that allows me to use the system to look over my shoulder and down. look behind ... yes look down and behind ... not really. In the default curve i couldn't blink without my in game pilot suffering whiplash. Didn't know if there were any preexisting profiles out there or guides etc on tuning. Thank You
  11. The subject is the mission and map. I was jumping between the external views and believe this might have led to the issue, i was supersonic checking out clouds and such after the 2.7 update and my jet started to sound like EMD music. I tried to record it but the higher pitch sounds got cut out the recording on my phone. sounded a bit like a broken record of the doppler effect sound during a supersonic pass using the flyby view. Imagine that sound.. but then have it stuttering and two versions of it playing. sounded a bit like r2d2 with drums. I was jumping between f2.3.and 4 trying to get some screen shots and thats when it happened. I am uncertain of the exact order. I was relatively high something like 40-50k feet.
  12. Not necessarily conflict related but there was a short story ... a kind of Christmas story called the shepard about a aviatior in the 50s who gets lost and gets rescued by a mosquito. Pretty well known in certain areas but I came across it as a book on tape years ago and only with the internet was able to locate it again .
  13. It could be any of that, so far as the when I've landed with them in company, I don't why they would follow me to the divert base when I told them to go to the carrier. I have been using simple comms. In my campaign the wingman always seems to take off right before I get into the air, but regardless seems to burn more than I do. Usually ending up bingo right around the time I fire my last missile and I'm at 50 percent fuel. I do tend to climb towards the beginning... but come to think of it the only time I have not last my wingman to fuel shortages is when I've landed and quit immediately. I recall one of the earlier missions where a f14 from another flight had been shot up and diverted to the standby airfield... I landed and was in the process of reaching on the apron. Wingman just kept flying around until he ejected..but in that case I might not have ordered him to land... I can't recall.
  14. This is occurring with me in the cage yhr bear campaign. The wingman will not rtb. I've order him to return to base, return to carrier.. go to tanker. Etc in every case even when I land at tge divert base they just fly around until they run out of gas and punch out.
  15. I've had a devil of a time getting tws to work. In most cases the missiles to to about 2 miles from their targets and just fall in the sea. I've thought about notching and run different scenarios and this was not a factor in most of the occurances. I watched some videos and read about the limits of the radar gimble... but I've never seen a ... I'm blanking.. I think it was called a centroid that shows up as an x and provides best heading to maintain radar picture of targets. The only thing I can think of is that I'm out of vertical alignment (different altitude from target) or the I'm overriding pitbull by holding on the targets but ... I'm not sure how this would be fixed since different missiles will have different pitbull times. Does relative speed matter ? I've often slowed because I'm afraid that I'll lose lock due to the narrowing of the cone as range decreases.
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