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  1. F-2


    Old topic with hud info Mig-35 hud ED is done with FC3 but it might be ok for a third party, The J-11 is only a few years old.
  2. That’s one of the early Fs-x concepts the domestic design. The domestic design and “maximum modified f-18” from mdd both We’re of a similar configuration. I think the Sx-3 design they went with is better to be honest. Also their is a Japanese air to air weapons pack made by modern for air to air weapons online.
  3. Maybe, but I’m sure they wouldn’t have announced publicly they were considering it if they weren’t open to the possibility.
  4. F-2

    DCS MiG-29A

    I’m not sure you read my link. To my knowledge what ever the mig seems capable of their has been no test of it on a ski jump or reinforcement for carrier ops, unless Russia plans to foot the bill that’s something India is going to have to finance. At least according to the video the Super hornet can be made compatible with Indian carriers with models flying today. Given the Mig-29k’s frankly awful attrition Rate and small number of type, India may need a replacement sooner rather then later.
  5. F-2

    DCS MiG-29A

    Boeing claims that the super hornet can be adapted to a ski jump and and Indian delegation was going to evaluate it before COVID. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/38324/watch-a-super-hornet-launch-off-of-a-ski-jump-during-testing-aimed-at-the-indian-navy
  6. F-2

    DCS MiG-29A

    The Indian navy is looking for a mig-29k replacement. In a few years went it’s off the front line maybe that will be viable.
  7. F-2

    DCS MiG-29A

    Is the later M the same airframe with improved avionics or a different airframe?
  8. https://web.archive.org/web/20041026002529/http://www.khai.edu/niipfm/english/su-35-en.htm subscale model used to validate configuration. They also have a number of other aircraft like the Mig-29, su-27, original T10, and early Su-47 concepts. субшкальная модель, используемая для проверки конфигурации. У них также есть ряд других самолетов, таких как МиГ-29, Су-27, оригинальный Т10 и ранние концепты Су-47.
  9. F-2

    DCS MiG-29A

    Ah too bad! I’ve always been Curious how the M preforms relative to the original.
  10. I thought that too! But apparently the MKI is and evolution of the original Su-30 which was a specialized Su-27UB. It has canards but is for the most part structurally very similar to the original Su-27. The MKK on the other hand lacks Canards and thrust vectoring but is structurally more similar to the Su-27m. More carbon fiber, titanium etc. it has some improvements over the original flanker at High sub sonic speeds.
  11. F-2

    DCS MiG-29A

    So here is something you guys might be interested in for a modern Mig-29. In 2002 a Mig-29m was offered up for sale, year was listed as 1992, avionics seem fairly up to date. I don’t know if the sale ever went through but if a private M exists it should be fairly easy for a third party to make a module. https://web.archive.org/web/20021114221133/http://www.avitop.com/aircraft/aircraft.asp?id=355
  12. Maybe, but no one retires on flight sim module money. You got to do what you want, what makes business sense etc. I’m not big on older jets myself but their is for sure a market. Even if the MKK is the biggest seller Deka could make, I think it would be the most expensive and time consuming. The Jeff sounds like it was grueling and they may very well need a break from the super complex modern jets. I don’t think them picking another jet would permanently close off another. by the way I think they are in need of Aerodynamic data. Found a handful of Papers about wind tunnel an
  13. 711 had several cockpits itself. First one with French MFD and HUD for a potential UAE export (Su-37mr) and then one with more domestic LCD MFD that looks like a the Su-27sm somewhat, 712 was similar. I figure the later one is a nonstarter given how hard it is to get info on the SM but I wonder if the test craft or MR might be possible. also, sub scale test aircraft https://web.archive.org/web/20041026002529/http://www.khai.edu/niipfm/english/su-35-en.htm Сам 711 имел несколько кабин. Первый с французским MFD и HUD для потенциального экспорта в ОАЭ
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