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  1. Mods\aircraft\FA-18C\Cockpit\Scripts\Multipurpose_Display_Group\Common\indicator\MDG_strokesDefs.lua for better MFD readability...
  2. For anyone who does GCI / or plays CA on a busy multiplayer server it gets incredible difficult to spot e.g. aircraft when many many ground units are present. It would be great to be able to filter for units to display, e.g. only show aircraft / helicopters / ground units / SAMs / Static units etc. People on hoggit quite agreed on that Example: try to spot the aircraft: While we are on it: A night mode for the map would help with eyesight when flying at night. Pressing F10 then basically kills your eyesight.
  3. Suggestion for the Marianas map: Rescue crews from burning ships with some wind ?
  4. Just played an hour with a buddy. Really fun mission to load water and deliver it infront of the fire. Scripting is well done and the fire growth/decrease seems really well done. Wishlist: Yak-52 as fire fighting aircraft
  5. As always, its a misunderstanding of the exact wording I think. Reading the Hornet feature Roudmap, I think that you cant share a markpoint, but you would share the current designated target to a wingman.
  6. Can we get clarification if "coming soon" actually refers to the wingmans AA Lock Lines and not AG targets? Last statement regarding this can be found here:
  7. The Yak is a great and fun aircraft and you can do aerobatics quite well in it
  8. I couldnt find Terrain Avoidance Mode on the List - I presume its planned but not listed ?
  9. Out of 7 MANPADS shooting at a target flying mach 0.7 at 5000ft, 2 shots hit and kill, but 4 miss by a huge offset and dont track at all, one MANPAD even doenst shot at all. Skill level set to expert, no flares. The 4 missing shots look like a bug to me. The missiles mach speed also goes to mach 1.4 on boost, then drops to mach 0.4 1/10second later and accelerates again to higher mach numbers. Doesnt seem very accurate. stinger 2 hit, 4 miss.trk
  10. Being able to load custom maps into the HSI map would really be great for realistic missions. Seeing the 12nm line on an enemy coast on the HSI is currently not possible and if you want to make a mission that involves this, you need an ugly F10 workaround. Maybe with the Flightplanning tool thats coming ?
  11. If you fly an a2g mission in a striker aircraft in a multiplayer server, you can constantly check if there are any players in enemy fighter airplanes spawning. If you check the slot selection screen, you even get inflight the information from which airport they will depart. Hiding the aircraft list / kill count and making the slot selection list unaccessible when in cockpit can help alot with immersion and intel about the other side, allowing for more supprise attacks and more realistic gameplay in the end. Flying nose cold actually can then actually make a difference by not giving your aircraft type and its effective missile range away instantly.
  12. I literally thought about this when I clicked on this subforum and then saw your post. +10000000 Removing the list of the enemy aircraft gives so much more depth to a mission since parf of flying is getting to ID aircraft that are nose cold. This is such a simple feature that could add so much more depth to mp gameplay !
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