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  1. Great, thanks. You're right. The guy in my left seat says it's the one in front of me, and the one I'm supposed to follow is actually behind me. At least I can continue my journey now
  2. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong here. I'm supposed to follow the 2 Hueys waiting at the Farp, right? They are hovering there for a while, then start moving, and the mission instantly fails because I'm too far away, even thought the rotorblades are almost touching
  3. Also experiencing crashed on mission end. Sent in logs via the crash tool.
  4. Confirming the bug with the A-20 damage model
  5. The special options trim setting still do nothing. At least editing the fmoptions makes it a bit easier to fly
  6. The toggle autopilot keybind does not work correctly while on the ground. First button press turns it on, but no subsequent presses turn it back off. Once airborne, the toggle works as intended
  7. They were on the outskirts of the town, with the soldiers shooting towards the friendly forces. I eventually ignored it and landed to end the mission
  8. The briefing picture is correct within the mission, but before the mission starts, it's showing the map for the previous mission. The weapon loadout also seems to have changed in this mission. Briefing talks about saving one GBU-12 on each plane, but there are no GBU-12 loaded. Wingman talks about having 12 dumb bombs, but only 6 are loaded on his aircraft.
  9. Some trucks in the small town are unable to be destroyed. Looks like two on each side of the road. Tried with APKWS, AMG65 and guns. Also hit with the GBU-12 next to them in the very start of the attack. Getting no confirmation from ground crew that threat is over because of this. Wingman is also unable or unwilling to attack them.
  10. If I reflythe F/A-18 instant action "The Gauntlet" on the Syria map, it automatically plays back the track from the previous time I flew it. Have to go all the way back to the main menu and launch it again if I want to refly it
  11. The only way I can get the tail to rip off during flight, is to keep the cowl flaps open. I can dive at close to 500mph and have no problems, but at 350mph with the flaps open, the tail rips off very quickly
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