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  1. Well IIUC, technically the cockpit we currently have in the sim is the BS3 one. 3D/geometry wise I mean.
  2. +1. Please, ED, use the same camera setup as in other aircrafts. When you run DCS on a monitor with an aspect ratio superior of 16:9, it just feels like flying with a letterbox as helmet.
  3. He probably talks about an eventual WPT indicator in the A/A ATTK RDR format. Not especially the bulls one, but the SEQ related waypoints.
  4. Nice. What about the HUD himself refresh rate ? @After the update edit : Nice little change with this update. :) It's surprising that the pitch ladder is so smooth while the speed and altitude indicators have a very low refresh rate. Thanks for the change
  5. Hey uboats, In the same topic, what about the hud refresh rate ? In the video of the hud tape listed above and in the video in the simulator that you listed, we can see that the refresh rate of the digital adi, speed/altitudes gauges and heading tape are not sync at 60fps or more, like they are in DCS. Accurate HUD refresh rate always adds a layer of finish, a realistic taste. ED and HB modules do that pretty well, what about the Jeff ? :) Thanks
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