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  1. Would love to see a few new squadrons included and maybe some HiViz added to the already existing LoViz Navy liveries.
  2. But with the edit of the edm it would be possible? Really hoping ED take a look at this. By the way, what means "edm"?
  3. Is there really no way do add a dynamic fied to the tail? Couldn't the tails set up as specific location for dynamic board numbers in the lua code, too? How does this system with the lua code works? Have a seperate skin with each single number isnt the best solution.
  4. Sounds good and thanks for picture. Agreed on that.
  5. Ahoi Now where we getting some little hog as drop tank art for the Red Rippers livery, I would like to ask if it would be possible to add the Jolly Rogers art to the "last Ride" livery drop tank? In the game we have the Last Ride livery with modex 201. I searched and searched for picrures of their last cruise, but couldn't find a picture or any information for the 201. There was a 201 in the 90s but I think not at the Final Cruise. Those were the modex I found for last Cruise: 101, 102, 104, 105, 107, 11
  6. Any Update on this? Looks so gorgeous Is it much effort to add those dynamic tail numbers? I think its the same technical system behind it like for all the other liveries their dynamic bordnumbers.
  7. I didnt know they belong to Taiwan. Of course then they shoudnt added to China. What a question. As soon asa Taiwan is included into the game, they should added to Taiwan. And when you look at my first post I never wrote they should be added to China. I wrote that it looks like that for me, but I was not sure. They should be added to "the right Country they belong to". And your post didnt explain in any kind that those were Taiwan liveries. What do you mean with this one? "never will be"? Why not, if Taiwan is added to DCS? Of corse
  8. yes and if there are maybe no DDR Migs placed, then its maybe wanted by the creator of the multiplayer mission. Maybe he doesnt want to have East German Migs over Persian Gulf. Maybe he has Iran or Iraq Migs for his mission in mind, which would make sense over Persian Gulf. And when he flys on his own mission, he dont want so see some DDR Migs flying around which would make his mission scince fiction. Its also not possible to join with a Hornet on a WW2 server. From technical side the mission creater could place a Hornet-Client. But he didnt want to. So no Hornet for me on
  9. Yes, but this is standard for all moldules. For consistent with almost every other module it should be changed. DCS World shold feel like one single game. And not like a big sandbox with modules mixed up and glued together. 90% of the modules have sorted liveries. Its clearer and more easy to finf the liveries you want. Not scroll down a big list to find a country at the bottom of the list which you have already choosen. I hope Mignitude will have a look at this. I think its also in their and EDS interest to bring som standard and some continuity to
  10. Awesome photo and post Cool mug Would be cool if HB have a look at the "Antenna Waveguide"-Report from Tholozor
  11. And what about the other F5 liveries? They are all "right Country they belong to". And what about the other modules like Hornet and Viper? Kuwait liveries just for Kuwait. Swiss liveries just for Switzerland. US liveries just for US. and so on and so on. So please dont spread any fake news here. I hope when the ED Team is back from holiday they will take a look at this. I think its not much effort to swap two liveries to the country they belong to, like the rest of the 60 liveries.
  12. Thanks for feedback. Was it just an AI or flyable module/part of the game? Maybe FC2? When was this one cut out of the game? Looking at your picture the graphics looks really really awful. But we have at the moment also an A Tomcat, an A Hornet, a Sea Hawk and some other Assets and AIs with this graphic. So why was this one removed? I hope it come back some day in 2021 graphic. I hope all the outdated assets and AI with old graphic will be removed and return with up-to-date graphic.
  13. I found a folder with the name "mig-29k" ---> C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\Bazar\Liveries I wanted to ask if we have a K Version in the game? As flyable part of fc3 or just as an AI. Unfortunatly I cant find a flyable version or an AI in the game. The K Version is the navy Version and would fit very good on Admiral Kusnezow Thanks for help
  14. Thanks for feeback. But would it be possible from ED side to fix this officially? Thanks
  15. If we get again two new liveries for the late A on next patch it would be cool to get two liveries for the B along them. two for the A and two for the B, thats fair. I would love to see some of the missing squadrons, or some of the missing HIViz one to our line birds.
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