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  1. Looks great. When is the Syria updates planned to be released?
  2. I like old school jets like the F-5E. Love flying, piloting and flipping switches, and not all the system management as in the A-10C II. Do you think the Viggen would be a good fit for me? Appreciate any feedback form Viggen pilots.
  3. I am not sure what you define as fast head movement . I can fly the missions successfully and do normal head movements expected in a fighter jet. I have a good WIFI setup, and have had no issues with lag. But as with anything it depends on your WIFI and preference. There is minimal risk trying it out and you can test it and get a App-store refund if you don't like it. It works great IMHO, and I would not spend the money for a more expensive head tracker.
  4. New mission available for the F-5E on ED user files: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315319/ This is an action packed Air-to-Ground mission that will test your skills with the F-5E. The mission can be played on FIVE different difficulties (choose via F-10 menu when prompted in the mission). The mission is interactive and have 25 triggers and 20 voice-overs, and took me abut 40 hours to complete. The mission is somewhere between casual and milsim.
  5. I use Smoothtracker on my phone. You find it in the app store. No funny hats and external sensors. Works great and very inexpensive at 10 USD (You need a phone, two pencils, 15cm duct tape and a rubberband ) Could not be happier.
  6. Looks like only one airbase on mainland Argentina/Chile?
  7. I have been working very hard (several months) to love the A-10C II. It is an EXCELLENT module and an extremely capable CAS aircraft. Often the strategy is putting the airplane in high altitude orbit and search for targets from a safe distance. The TGP (targeting pod) is used alot whatever strategy you choose. Flying is relatively easy. Basic navigation using waypoints and HUD likewise. For me the problem with the awesome A-10C II, is that it is more system management than flying. When you decide on which modules you would like to fly, it is ESSENSIAL to th
  8. New awesome cinematic DCS movie featuring the Huey:
  9. Why do you refeer to the F-5E to "a starter"? Like it is something inferior to play for a short time before "advancing" to the more modern planes? Don't worry! Many do the same mistake. I can fly the A-10C II well and master the many, many systems and buttons. Still I feel the F-5E is much harder (and more fullfilling) to navigate and master to use effectively in combat. You have to get close and personal with the F-5E. No "cheating" orbiting 10-15 miles away at 10 000 feet and spot with the TGP, marking targets in peace and quiet and killing them from far away. Even the eas
  10. Have not installed any mods before, but your "Better Smoke"-mod looked so good that I had to try. Installed OVGME: https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/OVGME Actually very simple and great mod manager. Installed the following mods in this order. Barthek Caucasus My Tree Dark Low Better Smoke Reshade mod Any warnings that file(s) exist from before, I chose just to the option in OVGME to overwrite. All mods work great and DCS is so much better looking.
  11. Just started to use the TTI-mission. Thank you so much for the hard work with the dynamic missions. Without your dedication and knowledge, we would not experience so great missions in DCS!
  12. The news is one year old...
  13. I am practicing sling loading with the UH-1H. It is great fun, but the assistant is driving me nuts with the constant "The load is swinging side to side 5....The load is hanging steady..." Can I turn off the "chatter box" assistant somehow, before he drives me insane?
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