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  1. Very lucky here. Showed it to the wife and now she feels bad that i don't have the best. I think she's getting it for me for her birthday early next year :-)
  2. I tried setting up/down scroll wheel to the key combinations for battery 1 and battery2 and they worked...strange and inconsistent. The n52te is not seen by BS. It appears to the system as a keyboard device. This is really weird and i guess the answer is just 'no answer' when i set up my N52 (non-te), (which has drivers and is seen as a device by BS), i can program the wheel for this purpose and it sort of works (have to click up or down multiple times for an on-screen reaction). In this mode the n52 is acting as a keyboard driver as well. The BS software recoginizes it because it is registerd as a special hid device but i don['t think it's programmable in BS..not that that matters. Unfortunate as the n52te is much nicer and smoother to use.
  3. Yes, thanks, I have saved. It seems in the cockpit is the only place where this control does not work. It works in the options settings (using keyboard column), it works in notepad. It survives system reboots. Doesn't make sense to me either.
  4. Hi. I've been setting up my n52te and ran into this strange issue. I'm programming the scroll wheel for the abris Axis control (keyboard 6,7,8). Since the n52te acts as a keyboard, the values are sent to the computer verbatim. I have the scroll wheel click mapped to 6 (ABRIS Axis Push). This works. I have scroll wheel down mapped to 7 (ABRIS Axis Decrease), and scroll wheel up to 8 (ABRIS Axis Increase). in every other program , scrolling up & down work, putting out values of 7 & 8. Notepad is a prime example. Even in the controls setup, i can pull up any of the settings in the keyboard control section and it will register that n52te is sending values of 7 & 8. However when I get into the cockpit, it will not register the values to spin the ABRIS Axis. I can use 7 & 8 on the keyboard to move it, but not with the n52te. Version 1.02 (I notice that on version 1.0, the 7 & 8 keyboard keys do not seem to activate the control). Anyone ideas? thanks, Cayce
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