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  1. I received the following message in my support ticket: The developers are working to fix the problem. Please wait for the hotfix. You can roll back to the previous version to play DCS now. I also contacted shadow, maybe they have a solution.
  2. I am on a shadow pc, same as other users with the same problem. This explains why the problem occurs on while my windows and dcs are totally clean.
  3. No.. Here is the topic i started. Hou can read everything i tried allready.
  4. I am using a shadow pc as well. There must be a conflict then. I completely reinstalled windows on it and have a clean DCS install.
  5. Thank you for your response. I tried the actions you suggested but no result.
  6. Thank you for your response. I tried to change the time like you suggested but without any result. I tried to disable the firewall and it didn't work either.
  7. Ok, so I reverted the installation to the previous version and everything worked without any problems. So I have a clean windows 10 installation with a clean (without any mods installed) DCS installation. I upgraded again to the newest version and the problem is still there. The complete autoupdtae_log.txt is attached to this message. autoupdate_log.txt
  8. I just reinstalled windows and deleted ALL my files. I used a fresh version of the latest open beta from the website to reinstalled DCS. and still have the same problem. I tried rayrayblues solution but no result. Started a support ticket.
  9. Unfortunately no result. 00000.024 INFO : DCS_Updater/ (Windows NT 10.0.18362; Win64; en-NL) 00000.024 INFO : src-id: baf92d0a5bb967be5dcb68784e54459d083e8c3d, lib-id: bae3744c50d64647d7c5ee5a1236d3ae42dbbb1e 00000.024 INFO : cmdline: "D:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\DCS_updater.exe" --apply repair 00000.100 STATUS: Initializing... 00000.102 INFO : basedir: D:\DCS World OpenBeta\ 00000.102 INFO : dcs_variant.txt: openbeta 00000.104 INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; WORLD) 00000.104 INFO : branch: openbeta 00000.104 STATUS: Connecting to update servers... 000
  10. Many thanks for your response. I tried to do what you suggested but without any result. Just the same problem.
  11. Hi all, Ik updated my DCS to the new version ( but i can get it to start anymore. It freezes in the startup window (logo) and wont start. I reinstalled the completed game with a fresh version but i still have the same result. I dont get an error message, only 'DCS is not responding'. Before update everything worked without any problems. Log file after reinstall: === Log opened UTC 2020-12-18 09:57:19 2020-12-18 09:57:18.696 INFO DCS: Command line: "D:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin/DCS.exe" 2020-12-18 09:57:18.696 INFO DCS: DCS/ (x86
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