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  1. I think there is a very big difference between asking for a whole system to be integrated, and doing something as simple as using your bomb rack to its fullest and most important possible extent.
  2. Yes i know that ED has only given us the option for 2 GBU-12 on the TER9A, due to clearence issues on some loadouts. But it definitely should be technically possible to install 3 GBU-12 on that rack, and this configuration shouldnt interfere with all loadouts. In the end its the same discussion as with the tripple mavericks, not recommended doesn't mean not technically possible. So please ED, let it come to the discretion of the user on what they want to do with their aircraft, no matter if it would be done irl. or not!
  3. Im guessing that already a dozen people haves suggested this, but can we just get an afterburner detent setting in the axis controls. (it makes it a lot more hustle free than to fiddle around with your axis curve settings) ED we all know you hate easy to implement quality of life features, but come on, just do it!
  4. I know it definitely isnt something we would've seen back in 2007, but you could easily take a 2007 block.50 F-16C and install PAWS with very minor tweaks. This is obviously not a accurate depiction of the 2007 USAF F-16C block.50 (but its not like ED already has integrated "unrealistic" features that arent accurate to the 2007 F-16) , but i think we should see the 2007 model more as a baseline to expand upon in a "unaccurate" but technically possible way. In my opinion it should be up to the end user to decide what specific version they would like to use of t
  5. As some of you might have heard, in march the Air Force has ordered the PAWS system for the Air National Guards and Air Force Reserves F-16C. To sum it up, PAWS consists of 2 pylons integrated with missile warning sensors and countermeasure dispensers. (I know what some of you might be thinking: "ED said theyre gonna modell a 2007 blk.50 F-16C, and that PAWS system probably requires super flashy new tech that we dont have in DCS") When it comes to the tech, its already all there, it might be a suprise to some of you but PAWS relies on the AN/ALQ-213 countermeasure
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