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  1. Hey! yeah, I saw it on the Tobii Discord channel as well! Just got the device yesterday and set it up using FacetrackNoIR - works very well! Was worried about it not being responsive/smooth, but turned out to be really good! Now just need to tweak the settings slightly for the curves whle I wait for the update to drop. Is there any time frame in which the update is expected/ How often does tobii usually update the game hub?
  2. Wow, so there is a workaround to have 6DOF in DCS with facetrackNoIR? I thought that with DCS and 5C you could only get 3DOF which is okay, but I'd really want to have the ability to zoom in and cange camera elevation. Plus, for me the cost of Tobii and TrackIR about the same, so really wondering which one to pick.
  3. Hey Snowblind, I presume you have a Tobii 5C? If so, could you share how good it is in terms of responsiveness and precision? I saw only a few videos with it on youtube and it looks promising, but I'm still on the fence whether to buy the 5c or go for a TrackIR/DelanClip combo.
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