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  1. Do you guys practice with your backup/standby instruments? I normally don't but today, I have a practice forced on me.... I was flying the ground attack sortie of Pirate Voyage - Mission 1 - Blackbeard's Folly (https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3311380/ ) and without giving too much away, Dash 2 collided with me during a low altitude ingress, about 80nm from the closest friendly airbase... Surprisingly, my Harrier was still flyable ! The caution lights panel lit up like a Christmas tree but I was too low and with enemy air nearby to risk openin
  2. Ability to set "Landing" and "Landing & Refueling" waypoints on FARPs, in the Mission Editor, and making sure that the AI can use these waypoints for AI only flights.
  3. It is not in the change log... I discovered it by... hum... accident? Let's hope it stay fixed
  4. Finally figure out how the range script works with strafing! v1.01 uploaded with a working scored strafing range: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3316143/
  5. I've been using the "feel right" method since I configured my Quest 2 back in January... After much experimentation I settle in 63, which, coincidentally is my pupil distance. But, I guess, that wasn't enough to satisfy my OCD and I've been looking for a "yardstick" to get an accurate as possible value. For some reason I focused my attempts around the stick and they weren't really working. Last night, I realize that we do have a yardstick that we can compare in our VR and RL cockpits: the seat width, and, we can compare it with our fingers... The Quest2 touch controllers can be gra
  6. Bought the A10C II a few days ago and installed it today. Found duplicated keybinds and the ones with keyboard assignments do not accept controller assigments. I'm running Open Beta 2.7. I'm using a TM Warthog Throttle and Stick and TM Rudder. Also I have other USB controllers connected. I read in another thread that this might happen if there are multiple game controllers, so I disconnected everything, uninstalled the A10C and A10C II modules, did a DCS repair and reinstalled the modules and try with only the TM Warthog throttle connected...
  7. I stopped playing flight simulators in the early 2000's. One of the reasons was that that I felt "something" was missing. "View Mechanics" with keyboard, mouse and joystick wasn't cutting it for me... I totally missied the boat with TrackIR too.... Last year, we were picking up my daughter from a friend's house, and I was able to try VR for the the fist in a Oculus Quest. My first thought was "a FS sim with this tech would be amassing!" . Got home and google it... Well, here I am... Mostly a Harrier pilot, but got the Hog bug a couple of days ago and took advantage of the sale. Bad
  8. Funny...the release notes don't mention any Razbam module... Perhaps it was not broken... Nothing was broken... Perhaps Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia. Hope I do get sent to room 101 ...
  9. I do, but I don't think it is a factor in this scenario. The "switchology" of the TPOD/IRMV was the one that gave me more grief too..
  10. You got me curious so just did a quick test. Fired 2 IRMAV using the tpod with TDC Action/No Action ... Same process as before, no issues... The only difference (and I didn't think about it in my prior post) between using DMT and TPOD is that if you are using the TPOD, you have to take it out of HOTAS mode (SSS Depress twice) before SSS Forward to box the IRMV in the HUD... (I just noticed that toy said TDC Fwd in your step 1, btw) So: 1. Identify & track you target with the TPOD 2. SSS Depress twice (since you will most likely be in HOTAS mode) 3. SSS Fwd
  11. Fired a couple of IRMAV last night (TDC Action/No Action enabled in Special Settings) , but identified/locked the target with the DMT, I know, not the same thing but the procedure was exactly as you described... I don't think it would be different with the TPOD
  12. Just be aware on which side you mount it so you can plan your orbits and be comfortable flying with asymmetric load outs.
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