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  1. OK Thank You! I wonder why? Too make it more accurate with the real aircraft HOTAS? In my case to use up another switch on my HOTAS that I have already mapped some where else. Caldera
  2. I have another problem these days. I can't make the HMD SOI. I had thought that Coolie Hat up short should do it. But... If my HUD is SOI then after another Coolie Hat up short the HUD is still SOI. if I press Coolie Hat up short 25 times the the HUD stays SOI. Might be nice to use the HMD as SOI some times. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Caldera
  3. OK thanks! I was thinking that a miz file was for playback. Caldera
  4. Silver, The TacView display did not come out so well. I will take your word for it. How do I play your miz file? Caldera
  5. Caldera


    SRS This seems to be the hurdle for me now. First problem I had. SRS refused to connect to the Game. The Server and VOIP were green, but Game would not connect. I basically, followed the instructions for SRS on the Discord link and got it to work. Realizing that I installed TacView after SRS, I believe that TacView wacked some files that were needed by SRS. My current problem is now is different as I am able to connect to the game. As a spectator or in the cockpit I am able to hear other players. As a spectator, the top two radios are tuned
  6. Here is one video. I think it is kind of dated, back when only the F-16 could drop them. CBU-87 Caldera
  7. I also think that the sound did change. Caldera
  8. Thanks Wow, I don't know all the details but if I use TrackIR in pause mode, while it allows a better set, the parameters will still not be the same as if TrackIR were turned off. I messed with this some more today. Here is what I think I found out about the parameters in the SnapViews.lau file that dukovac describes above. If you are using TrackIR (there is another section for VR and I suspect VR may be the same) this section describes how default head position will be positioned in the 3d space of the cockpit. Additionally, how the game will treat all your views.
  9. Caldera


    I tried multi-player again. It is extremely daunting. I was on the Through the Inferno Caucasus server. Fail 1: I never did get SRS to work. Fail 2: TTI seems to like low clouds on the their server. But, I finally found some where to go. I flew for some 70nm and then I got painted by a Mig-23 (RWR 23). I knew there were allot of friendly fighters in the area so I circled and waited. When it was clear I progressed on toward my target. Suddenly, I get lit up by a Mig-29 (RWR 29). About that quick I get a missile warning. I try to evade, no luck and I get splashe
  10. CBU-103 I did six runs @ 1 bomb each run. H = Hit K = Kill Infantry Un-Armed Vehicle Range H K H K H K H K H K H K H K H K H K H K H K H K 0 X X 25 X X 50 X X X 75 X X 100 X X X X X 125 X
  11. Attached are three files. So I messed with this some more, because it is bugging me. The HUD is viewable text file is the head position settings for these pictures I don't think that the problem is the head position. I think that the problem is the HUD position and size. So my next question, because I am very new at this. Is there a way to change just the HUD position and size? Seems like a pilot could get his crew chief to get that done for him by some how adjusting the projectorHUD is viewable.txt. FWIW I generally set my TrackIR center by
  12. Silver, I will try that. You are talking about the GBU-103 correct? Caldera
  13. Duko, I have attached four files. I tried your idea of editing the SnapViews file. I pretty much figured out what the variables do. The Head at Seat text file contains the settings for my head position. I was wondering if you or some one else might try these settings and help me out. There is a problem that I can not solve with the HUD. I set up this view so that the simulated pilots head is pretty close to resting close to the ejection seat were I think it should be. I judge this by the pilots head position in pictures that I have seen (one is attac
  14. Duko. Thanks I will give that a try. I found out that I can not adjust the home view position very well with TrackIR running. So then I have to exit the game and turn off TrackIR. So then I have to re-enter the game adjust and set the home view position. So then I have to exit the game and to turn on TrackIR. So then I have to re-enter the game and for some reason the set home view position is not quite where I wanted it to be. So then I have to rinse and repeat a few times. So then I get annoyed. As much time as I have spent trying to adjust this one
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