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  1. Is there a way to counter iceman porpoising up and down enroute to a waypoint? I'm in the back getting a rollercoaster up and down ride as he dips the nose, throttles up to raise the nose , cuts throttle to dip the nose and repeat.
  2. The hogit wiki is up to date for 2.7?
  3. Im looking through forums and it seems like the 2.7 update made most of the scripting tutorials obsolete. Is there an updated api wiki or a solid source on what data I can output , function names, a command and action reference? About all I've been able to do so far is eject my pilot via lua.
  4. Hello all, I was looking at lotatc and curious about what kind of data is available to output from a DCS server or game. Clearly LotAtc can get av pos data , speed, aircraft type etc. and output it to their third party software. Is there a guide to doing something similar? Is the sdk needed for this? On a second note, is there a guide for third party software controlling an in game device or aircraft?
  5. Hey guys thanks for the reply. The staging makes more sense now. The scoring doesn't. I set up a campaign , basically the same mission repeated 3 times. There are 3 sam sites. The way i set it up if i hit a Sam site i get a message if "group alive less than 80%", i send out a message, so i know these are triggering. That is also the criteria i set for the mission goals. If that same "group alive less than 80%" is set, i put the score to "30". So 3 times 30 , that gives 90 points, then a good landing gives 10 points. I total 100 points. Then i play the mission in campaign mode. I take out out a sam site 100% , not 80%, all dead. I do this for the second and the third i hit 2 out of 3 sites. I land and end the mission. Looking at the log , it shows me hitting sites then the score is 10, the next site the score is 10, third , 10. A total of 30 points. If i make the goal score 30 or even 150 points in the mission editor i end up getting 10 points in the campaign. the way i thought this should work is , kill 2 sam sites , miss one, eject , that gives me 60 points still , it moves me to stage 2. I've tried setting those staging values to 0..100, 50..100, 51..100 , but if the scoring doesn't match up i'm not sure what to do.
  6. I made a 4 mission campaign , i have 1 stage with 4 missions in it. All of the "Range" values for the missions are 0 .. 100. The DCS manual says that i can weight certain events in each mission, for instance if i blow up a bridge i get 30 points and get a specific tank i get another 30 for a total of 60 points, then if my stage interval is 50..100 , 60>50 , so i move on to the next stage. If i fail to destroy the bridge my score is only 30, 30 < 50 so i stay on the same stage. I have 0..100 , i thought this meant i would move on to the next mission no matter what. Win lose or fail we move on to mission 2. A couple issues. 1 - i see nowhere in the mission editor that i can set a value for staging like the manual says. 2 - if i edit the values for the "Range" , ie stage interval , i get errors --> "Stage interval incomplete". i tried setting all 4 and that gave me the same error. 3 - (Probably related) all missions result in campaign failure even if i 'win' the mission. What am i doing wrong and how do i correctly use these? (DCS Open Beta Mission end events are usually 1 unit or group alive less than 50% and player on ground moving slower than 10Kts , i'm able to trigger an end mission and various messages. AckInBeirut.cmp Syria_Flak_1-2.miz Syria_Flak_1-3.miz Syria_Flak_1-4.miz Syria_Flak_1-1.miz
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