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  1. Tweaking DSMS profiles, adjusting slew sensitivity, setting up the TAD, checking flight plan in CDU, setting up TGP, ILS/TACAN can all easily eat up at least 4 minutes if not more during start-up. I'll also check the flight surfaces. Initially, for some reason I never messed with the CDU during alignment thinking that it needed to stay on that page until it was completed but now I'll happily plug away while its aligning. Anyway, whole process takes about 8-10 minutes for me.
  2. It sounds like your major grid zone designator is entered incorrectly. Simply check your own coordinates to see which one you're operating in and update your CDU accordingly. 38T vs 37T
  3. Isn't the "Y" band an issue currently? Try setting the TACAN of your tanker on "X" instead.
  4. Well this interview that I found on Gamespy: Eagle Dynamics Developer Q&A (Didn't see it posted here elsewhere) GameSpy: The Nevada map for DCS A10 was scheduled for a 2011 release – are you still on track to deliver? Will this map arrive with any missions or campaigns to make use of it? Jim: The Nevada map schedule has slipped, due to a compete rebuild and new technical features that are being developed. I think Spring 2012 is achievable. There will be missions and a campaign if we have time. Certainly campaigns will appear at a later stage. It is after all the area of Red Flag Exercises! So it had a little more information that I wasn't aware of. And I think he's probably safe with saying Spring 2012 is "achievable". So if it slips past spring '12 and if everyone is stomping their feet and smashing their fists, ED can simply state that it was achievable, not definite.
  5. If the A-10 had a quickdraw added (and the downed airman had a PRC-112) you could get the whole shebang to run the CSAR. Get GPS coordinates, send text messages, and of course a radio. So if your buddy went down in hostile territory and had to be quiet, you'd have to communicate with databursts.
  6. It means people who use forums use acronyms way too much :lol: If I recall correctly.
  7. Appreciate the response GGTharos. ED seems to prefer playing things closer to the chest and I was unaware of their reasons. I was thinking from different perspective (i.e. user) so one could prep by saving money to buy hardware/software. "It'll be ready when it's ready" is fine enough by me.
  8. I'm kinda curious why the secrecy? Would it be so bad to say "We are shooting for a Jan '12 release and current development shows we are on track to make that date (everything's subject to change)."? I'm not chomping at the bit or anything...just wondering.
  9. The auto-start key combo that Eddie suggested is probably your best bet if you want an automatic start-up. However, to each his own. I haven't mapped the ejection seat controls or the regulator to my keyboard but I have key commands for radio dials and they all work. Hypoxia is modeled in sim and is represented by a black tunnel vision effect. Around 12-14k feet is going to be the bottom altitude where it can occur, the higher you are, the faster the onset. 30k is a bit high for this sim and your virtual pilot will be repeating ace of spades over and over again well before you get that high. So yeah, turn it on while you're flying.
  10. Hmm, I'm only aware of one option that relates to communications...under the gameplay menu. Unless you're referring to the Radio Assists option: When enabled, you will get audio alerts informing you of incoming missiles, when you are within valid weapon use parameters, and information on the location of enemy units. But as for your other question, for hard communications you'll need to have a radio on in order to communicate with it. So you'll either need a power cart connected or have the APU (with generator) up and running. Then set frequency and use the appropriate MIC switch.
  11. Just from playing, I've only had it happen very rarely. I think twice I've had the missile lose too much energy and not make it to the target. I'm digging, but I think I had one miss but it may have been in beta...however, I've seen countless posts/videos stating that the maverick can miss. I just get hits 99.999% of the time :D
  12. I'd say it's possible too...pretty sure I've had it close enough that I thought the autopilot was on. But it can't stay there forever since you're burning fuel. If you can get it reeeealy close it's gonna help you for AR for sure. Me personally, I put in a bit of nose down trim for AR. It's probably more tiring having to maintain back pressure but I experience less bobbing up and down. Maybe the RL trim hat is a little less sensitive and you're able to put in a little less deflection but for the purposes of this sim I don't think it's really designed for hands-off flying minus AP.
  13. Not specific to the A-10 mind you but this shows an example with an AC-130.
  14. Force correlate can get your Mav to potentially lock on further out, just make sure it's not too far or this missile won't have the legs to reach it. You set it by placing the boat switch in the middle position and then TMS up. The D model doesn't have this feature. How the hell are you able to play this in Afghanistan??
  15. Just took a look at the VAC profile...looks extensive! I'm definitely going to try out your mod and profile later on today and report back. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.
  16. :thumbup: I'd like to see one if you're able to. I'm specifically looking to see a technique on offset range before you turn in. I've also been using the straight dive method using the TGP with the SPI line on the TVV. So I'll drive straight at the target keeping the line pointed at 6 o'clock and watch slant range on the TGP until it hits about 2.5 - 3 nm, then I'll start the dive for CCIP dumb bomb delivery. But if there's a more efficient/realistic method I'm all eyes/ears.
  17. Hey all, maybe someone could help me out with programming one of my HOTAS Warthog switches to work with BS2. This is the behavior I'd like to achieve with the three position autopilot switch on the throttle: Position FWD (PATH): Hover hold on (Pulse) Position CTR (ALT/HDG): Hover hold off (Pulse) Position AFT (ALT): Descent Mode (Hold) The hover hold is just a button in sim so it's toggled on/off with a T + LAlt. So the issue is preventing the switch from issuing a command going from AFT to CTR. Is it possible to set up this behavior in TARGET? It won't be a show stopper if not, the ENG/OPER switches are money for using this style of command.
  18. Thanks FreeFall, but anyway they could change it or leave it the same, wouldn't bother me.
  19. 8 socket motherboard FTW :D Joking aside, I've recently starting landing without applying the wheel brakes until around 80-90 kts and my stopping distance doesn't seem to suffer at all. It's hard for me to be sure but I couldn't tell much of a difference between max braking after the mains touch down vs braking after I've slowed down. But I CAN almost stop in as short a distance as the wingman if I stall the jet on flare and put it down at the threshold...but it was a piss poor landing.
  20. Really? I can't confirm but I thought I saw a post from a tester saying that the avionics behave this way IRL. I'll search around and see if I can dig up the post.
  21. I often lose my temper when my wingman doesn't even move while he's on the boom. :P
  22. That's odd, there's no enter or any type of function to enable it other than entering the value. Try changing it back and forth between 1 and 7, you should see a difference in slew speed for the TAD/TGP/HUD and whatever else goes along with it.
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