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  1. Seems to be worse looking down at the clouds.
  2. I use the Rift S, I was thinking they might be the problem as they're not the most expensive out there.
  3. I have read a number of posts on this subject and can't find any acknowledgement from ED. Are you working on it? Maybe a post explaining what you intend on doing or what's causing it would be great. Thanks.
  4. Having played both, the 'more servers on the beta version' is a myth I'm my opinion.
  5. All thick clouds at distance flicker with VR. I have tried all settings yet no change.
  6. Cant start topic in VR bugs so I will put it here. Why do thick clouds that are in the distance flicker? The high thin fluffy clouds dont flicker. My graphics card is a 3080ti so that's not the problem.
  7. I find it clear if go up close but blurry at a distance, it seems to auto set it self depending on different times of the day. some times its fine, other times I have to adjust every screen to brighter.
  8. This maps seem very similar, what's the main difference, they both have the channel?
  9. I play VR only so not sure how stable the beta version compared to the normal version. Thanks for the reply.
  10. Can find a general questions thread so I will put it here. Do Beta and Stable versions run on the same servers? As in, if I download the beta version, will I be able to play with people on stable standard version or are they separate servers?
  11. I am getting this problem, they were working on stable version but since I updated I cant get them to target anything. Is there a fix or do I need to reinstall game?
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