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  1. Seems odd but yesterday I managed to populate over 800+ servers in MP but I can barely manage 400 today. I can't connect to any of my favourite servers as they just don't "appear" in the list. It's happened to me before and then randomly just fixed itself with no input from me. Any ideas?
  2. Ok no worries, thanks for letting me know.
  3. Sorry @BIGNEWY I forgot about a mod I have. Heres another TRK File with no mods. SEAD Loadout no Bulls on hud_V2.trk
  4. Starting a mission with AGM-88's Loaded the Bullseye in the lower left corner of the HUD is missing. The only way to get the Bullseye back is to remove the HARM's but as soon as you load them again, the Bullseye disappears again. Track file and DXDIAG attached. Doesn't crash the game so not attached the crash log. Cheers SEAD Loadout no Bulls on hud.trk DxDiag.txt
  5. Hi, I'm having trouble importing .miz files into combatflite since updating. It seems my flights and waypoints just don't get imported on missions created in 2.7. does anyone have a quick fix or have any idea what's going on.
  6. Hello. I seem to have a problem with Kneeboard builder and the F-16. When i'm using a custom kneeboard the DED stays blank on the Main UHF and VHF Radio page (Dobber Left) Any thoughts
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