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  1. Thanks Zhukov. My current "solution" is to bind the cam-slow-pan-left & cam-slow-pan-right to the 4-way hat on my joystick for me to manually change viewpoint to where the heli is facing. Its an awkward solution but what I make do with. I was just wondering if it has a fixed 3rd person perspective option like what more arcade-like flightsims like Ace Combat/Hawx/Project Wingman had. I usually only fly in cockpit view on my F-16C/F/A-18C/P-47D since its a cockpit focused flightsim rather than an acade game, but the double stacked rotors of the Black Shark II are certainly a sight to behold while flying in 3rd person view.
  2. Just bought the Black Shark 2 at discount after playing the free trial and loving it! Unlike my plane modules, I prefer to fly helis in external view but having gone thru the Controls menu's View options I can't seem to find what I want. I tried "Chase view", "Change camera position" & others but couldn't find one that locks my view to wherever my heli is facing. As it is, whenever I turn the heli with my joystick to turn left or right, the heli faces left or right on screen! I tried googling on the web but got no answers as well. Grateful for any help. Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much again Rudel! Gosh you're a real godsend Thanks!
  4. I just bought the WW2 Assets Pack and after playing around the Mission Editor finally managed to insert APCs/ship/ground AAAs on the map and ready to fly. But each time i start a mission, it goes to the screen where i see APCs roaming the fields with first and secondary views. I cannot get into my Cockpit view. I can only press F6/F7 (can't remember) to view the APCs in 2 different views of F10 for the map. Pressing F1 (Cockpit view) does nothing. Even when i tried mapping Cockpit view to another key (eg, Del or '0' numlock keys) i still can't get into cockpit view and fly. I just created a mission in 1944 with the P-47D warbird and The Channel map. Can anyone plse help?
  5. Thanks so much Rudel! I really appreciate it will give it a try when I'm home!
  6. I just bought it and have been looking high & low for tutorials on how to add these into a mission but no luck. There isn't a user guide or manual when I bought this DLC. And nowhere on the DCS main menu screen do I see the Assets Pack. Are they hidden inside the Mission Editor? Is there a tab or drop-down list which I can choose the AAAs and tanks I can upload into the mission map? Grateful for any help to point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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