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  1. I tried on Amazon us, uk, de and fr and other website (materiel.net, alternate.be,...) , even amd.com between 15.00 cet and 16.30 cet but no luck for me. I found one site where it was referenced but not available... For 999€ for a rx 6800xt ????.
  2. Here is a site reporting some gaming tests for the Zen3 lineup. Source: https://www.thefpsreview.com/2020/11...m-to-the-test/ Another round: https://ithardware.pl/testyirecenzje/test_procesora_amd_ryzen_5_5600x_amd_utarlo_nosa_intelowi-13913.html
  3. Just a general (but tough) question, is the size of the L3 cache relevant for DCS World? I hesitate between the Ryzen 5800x and the 5900x. There is 100MHz of difference but the L3 cache in the later is twice the size...
  4. For those who wants, here is a good wrap up and analysis of the announcement event :
  5. AMD does not support DLSS (NVidia proprietary) but they talked about 'Super resolution'. It's still unclear what exactly it is or how it will be implemented. As for the RayTracing, they do not follow the RT-core approach from NVidia but are working on API level through DX12 Ultimate. Currently DCS does not support neither DLSS nor RT.
  6. Also, what I see is the 6000 series has 16Gb RAM while 3080 series from has 10Go and DCS can suck up to 11-12 Go VRAM at high resolution (like VR). That and the direct access memory stuff they talked about improving the stutter reduction when on a Ryzen 5000 series platform... AMD is now on par with NVidia on the perf side, with 300W TDP (NV 3080 is 320W TDP). So yeah, I'll definitely consider a 6800XT + Ryzen 5800x or 5900x as an upgrade (from Core i5 6600k @ 4,3GHz + GTX1080 @ stock)... I just wait the 3rd party benches now (yes, I know the other games does not reflects the perfs in DCS beca
  7. The only interesting thing I consider is the potential ability to use the RT part of the card to cast radar waves for pure simulation . The problem is that the persons who don't invest in Nv RTX card will not benefits the enhancements, which would be unacceptable as the radar is a critical part of the Sim, and not a cosmetic one... So it's urgent to wait...
  8. I like the idea! It's a good way to test the tech and perfs, in a funny way! And yes, it 'populates' the world. Hope it'll not hurt the overall performances...
  9. Good catch! I reinstalled GeForce drivers and I have a solid 60fps at high settings now. Thank you !
  10. Hello, I downloaded the last version of DCS World, Persian Gulf map and F/A-18c module after a long pause period. I tried an 'instant mission' cat launch with the F/A-18c but I was unable to play the game because I had 0 fps during the mission. I tried with caucasus and persian gulf map, at the lowest possible settings but still 0 FPS. My CPU was always between 90 and 100% (all the 4 cores)... I post a screenshot ingame: Here is my DCS.log file. Please, help :cry:
  11. My greatests condoleances to his family and to the ED team.
  12. I'm ok to say that 60 dollars is not a big amount. It's aligned with the video game market princing. BUT this price is the pre-sale price. What concerns me is the normal price of the module: 80 bucks! It's unprecedented and this becomes expansive. This price-tag might become the 'normal' price for all the new modules to come. And THAT bother me. I know there is much efforts and time put into this module and the study-sim genre is a niche market but voilà, I feel it hard to swallow without any explanation over this particular price rise. So, what to expect with the modules fragmentation? F/A
  13. New commercial video released, supporting DCS World (end of the video) Neeeeeed!
  14. Could you please set the time zone for the rendez-vous? 09.00 AM GMT or else?
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