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  1. I can only speculate about the gaming industry, but I'm part of an engineering team which delivers software to commercial customers and if there is a Q1 deadline for a test/final release version, this usually means the end of March. Of course, internally you plan for unforeseen circumstances so it is usually more or less ready by mid-March, but we'll have to wait and see. I'm also hoping they release the clouds on March 1
  2. Thanks for all the input. I was playing with my Cougar base and just experimenting with positions for chair mounts and I rotated the base forwards about 15 degrees and pushing forwards on the stick felt much lighter than pulling back (e.g. probably only required half the force to push vs pulling). Did you notice any difference in the way it felt when pushing/pulling the stick? I would imagine a cam-based solution would be much more robust to this effect than just springs.
  3. I generally don't often play the AAA game titles, but it seems most of them these days offer a resolution scale option, which essentially reduces the internal rendering resolution and the game upscales this to the monitor resolution. Sapphire Trixx offers a similar solution for games which don't natively support this, but this requires a Sapphire graphics card. I don't know why AMD doesn't have an option in its drivers for something like this. Anyway, the general consensus is that a combination of 85-90% downscaling (per axis) + AMD Radeon Image Sharpening produces negligible image quality
  4. Thanks. I'll try that. I used the sales e-mail address specified above.
  5. I wrote to the sales team regarding an order including a standalone Gunfighter Mk.III base and was directed to place my order on the European website, which does not offer the standalone bases (as far as I can tell). Either this offer is no longer active or not everyone in the sales team is briefed with dealing with such requests.
  6. I've been watching the prices over the last few weeks in Germany and they have been gradually going up again after it seemed like they were slowly dropping (in January). I would expect the prices to remain exorbitant until at least the second half of the year. AMD did promise to sell their cards at MSRP by the end of Q1, but they didn't comment on stock numbers and they've been pretty complacent about AIB pricing. I personally was keen on getting an RX6800 for MSRP, but definitely won't be paying 850+ Euro (50+% markup). If you can, the best advice is to wait, but if you "need" an upgrade
  7. I currently have the Cougar HOTAS and am looking to get a better base and mount this to a chair for improved ergonomics. I am planning to get the Monstertech chair mounts and I want the ability to be able to rotate the grip forwards. At first, I wanted the VKB Gunfighter III base, but I don't think this would give me the option to rotate the grip itself. This would mean that I would have to rotate the base if I wanted a more ergonomic position. This might be more advantageous as I could adjust the angle continuously, but I'm not sure whether non-horizontal mounting is detrimenta
  8. It's happened about three times in the last 2 days and sporadically before this. I keep getting shot down by friendly AI AMRAAMs. I fly the F16C and this has previously occurred in the built-in MIGCAP (Persian Gulf) instant action mission, but more recently in user submitted missions, but I believe this is an AI problem and isn't mission related. It always seems to the a similar setup. A friendly aircraft is several miles behind me and then suddenly I get a missile launch and an M on the RWR and 5 seconds later I am dead. The event log confirms it was a friendly AMRAAM. I have
  9. My machine just updated itself last night with this new feature set. I had actually seen this thread and seen that most didn't have issues so didn't worry about it. Neither the stable nor beta versions work for me now. It just sits on the DCS loading screen even though after a few seconds I can hear music. I have a Vega 56 and currently have the November 2020 WHQL driver; I believe there are newer beta drivers available but nothing suggested in Radeon software. I have a few mods active in the open beta version, but nothing in the stable version, so it can't be mods. Update: ru
  10. Looks awesome. Can you give an estimate of the forces required at the stick?
  11. It was definitely flickering, which is why it was so hard to capture screenshots. I've tried several times to reproduce this but haven't succeeded. I suspect it might have been caused by explosions. Whenever I shoot down an aircraft, I usually get some weird graphical glitches for 2-3s (black, orange, weird shapes etc.). It's pure speculation, but maybe there was an aircraft explosion in another direction and this was the consequence. I generally don't have such issues with trees.
  12. No, I don't have SSAA enabled. I have MSAA 2x, AF 4x and most settings on High (except Shadows, Heat blur). It seems that at ~2.5 miles it transitions from an obvious black dot, which is there probably to assist in spotting at distance, to rendering the actual aircraft model, but it appears that there is a significant drop in contrast against the background.
  13. I've been having some difficulties getting visual contact on aircraft while merging; this is particularly problematic for me in actual missions where I always seem to merge completely blind because I can't seem to spot the incoming aircraft, even if I know their altitudes and approximate azimuth. To demonstrate this, I made a custom mission. I've attached a full resolution (1440p) screenshot highlighting an Su-30 at 3.2 miles, which is clearly visible, and another screenshot at 2.4 miles, where I literally can't see anything. As reference, there is a second Su-30 a mile or so fur
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