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  1. Not necessarily, not at 400 knots. It will be bleeding quickly, and you may, depending on your technique, go below the airspeed required to achieve the maximum G. Any rolling moment will reduce the G available as part of the limiter. Start at a higher speed, 430 - 480 and you should be able to attain it within about a second and change.
  2. More for a hot start, where you go cutoff at day, 45 percent, and since you are required to motor the engine for two mins, you need to wait until it is below 30 percent before engaging the crank switch.
  3. No, its pretty finicky near the edges of the mapping of the cockpit. I would say it is pretty close. The only thing that would be better is if they fixed the centering that happens when you have your LOS in the HUD. The radar and seeker should always remain slaved to the HMD LOS, even when looking through the HUD. If this was the case, I think the annoyance would be reduced. There are still a few symbology issues.
  4. Correct, and your Checklist page should tell you your gross weight.
  5. No limit to cranking, just don't engage it above 30% RPM or you risk a shear of the ATS, not sure if this is modeled, unlikely is my guess. Just air until the APU runs out of fuel.
  6. No, just add power and climb away. Once climbing, clean up. You will be trimmed for on speed, which is fine for the climb out.
  7. Laser codes remain changeable and do not depend on master mode selection. That being said, this is more of a pod interface thing so nothing is absolute there. But why not make them changeable since they clearly are here.
  8. You need to debox ACM (PB7) to regain control of where the TDC goes, otherwise the aircraft wants to keep providing ACM modes to you.
  9. Yes unless you select trigger laser, then it remains armed. Used to be an overheat issue with some pods, but no longer with the newer ones, but the logic remains. Always do MALT check, master arm, A/G mode, Laser, TDC assigned to correct display.
  10. My impression with my actual IPD set, it feels pretty close. IL-2 always seemed a bit small, but DCS is close enough for me.
  11. Laser codes can definitely be set on the ground or air, both LST and LTD, same with IR marker and IR marker pattern. The UFC just has LTD above LST, and entry is fairly straight forward, colonize and enter the code and the Enter. Codes range from 1111 to 1688, with only 1511-1688 being useful for LGBs, the lower codes - I believe - are more suited for helo's and their weapons. This is to say you could set something lower than 1511, but it would be impractical, and I have never seen it tasked or used - not sure exactly what <1511 is used for, never had the chance to use it - it definitely accepted the input. Laser codes are mission critical, so it must be set prior to takeoff to minimize risk of error, and even still there are errors in codes and IR marker / Trg laser. Similar to A/A radar presets, which have now been fixed.
  12. A/G gun symbology is always shown when selected on the stores page first. The radar will range through the pipper when suitably below the horizon and display AGR, even if there is a designation. Priority is to range through the gunsight even if the TDC is elsewhere (like the FLIR).
  13. I think the more pressing concern is that the CCIP cross is present with a designated waypoint. This should not possible for bombs, and needs to be fixed. If there is a designation, there is no CCIP cross, CCIP mode acts like AUTO until undesignated, at which point it reverts to CCIP. This seems to happen when you cycle the mode from AUTO to CCIP with a designation, but could happen at other times, such as when the FLIR is tracking and you undesignate. The FLIR continues to track when it should go into a stabilized snow plow.
  14. Try turning the blanking off, you may prefer it, just need to look under the HMD symbols when looking through the HUD.
  15. It works the same with the exception that the AIM-9 reticle (if selected) and the radar boresight never center when looking through the HUD, they continue to be slaved to the HMD line of sight. Otherwise pretty close.
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