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  1. Yeah OK, I've avoided it because I know it's not done 'properly'. It will lead to frustration, but yeah I'll give it a go next time.
  2. The only ATC mode implemented at the moment is Cruise ATC. It just maintains the current IAS when engaged. Works well. Don't try to use Approach ATC at the moment. It's not implemented and it doesn't work how it should i.e maintain an AOA rather than IAS. It will get messy if you try.
  3. As far as I remember, Ragnar said (this is like 4 years ago) that the ‘Single rocket’ option was a gamey workaround that doesn’t exist in the real aircraft. They implemented it that way until they added training rocket pods that presumably do allow singles IRL. I think it’s safe to say that those training pods aren’t coming any time soon.
  4. It depends on the group the JTAC is targeting. If the group size is only 1, then I’ve found the grid he passes is bang on. However, the 6 digit grid he passes is only accurate to 100m by 100m in theory, so not sure it should be as precise as it is. Normally a BOC or Bomb on Coordinate type attack should need a 8 or 10 digit grid.
  5. No it won't. Still realistic for a Spanish Hornet (although the rest of the aircraft isn't equivalent to an EF-18, but anyway). Also, sort of authentic for a USMC Hornet.
  6. Mo410, are you in any kind of formal contact with ED at all? This functionality is critical and would represent a huge improvement over what we've got. I think the problem for ED so far has been a lack of documentation/SME clarity, but with some of your input on a formal basis it might clear things up. Thanks. Fingers crossed.
  7. Yeah, there's something weird going on because my radios and exterior are now WAY too loud, while other sounds are about normal.
  8. I found the audio issues related to my speaker setup. Changing the speaker detection from 'AUTO' to 'STEREO' in my case solved the radio volume issue.
  9. Yeah OK, further testing shows it is in. Although it’s not as ‘stabilised’ as I was expecting. The sensor image still drives forward at own ship ground speed I think, so it’s still a bit of a pain to TDC slew. On the plus side, I’ve discovered that the MAV seeker can be slaved to the HMCS LOS. This works well and can be useful without relying on TGP.
  10. Indeed. Just wondering about others experiences with Maverick since the patch.
  11. As per Wag's video - Did Maverick space stabilize function make it into 2.7 yesterday? I can't get it to work with DMS forward long.....
  12. Read the patch notes. I think this has correctly been changed in 2.7.
  13. Oh yeah sure. I kinda meant that, without the TRIM CB reset modeled in sim, what's the point of bothering to add detail to the emergency trim at all? Otherwise, HB have half-modeled a system. We need the Circuit Breakers - there's only 5 (or 6?) - functions added. Your scenario sounds plausible.
  14. +1 For working TRIM CB. Still can't reset emergency trim. I see the preview 2.7 patch notes includes a fix for spring load function for Emergency Trim, but without the ability to do a CB reset, why would anyone want to use emergency trim?
  15. + 1, Please.......for last push on Viggen. Important. Thanks.
  16. +1 Please....for last push on Viggen
  17. Gents, it gets worse....Discord comments suggest VS mode not planned at all.... Why have complete standard radar modes not been considered yet? They are not data restricted nor hard to get info on.
  18. Sure, Terrain Avoidance is all I’m referring to. Thanks.
  19. Ummm....hope this doesn't mean what it implies....
  20. Terrain Avoidance mode hasn't yet been implemented. It's not any kind of terrain 'following' mode though, more of a secondary confidence cross check. If we are to get a true simulation of all the basic radar modes then it should get added at some point. However, it's not explicitly on the roadmap, and the total lack of any comment from ED staff when the subject gets raised concerns many of us.
  21. The NAV and TAC Bank angle limits for coupled mode are completely independent from the bank angle used by FD mode. FD can be set to either 30,45 or 60 degrees on the stores page, and these override the NAV mode limits.
  22. Edit to opening post....I'm aware that there were 4 hostiles contacts that may have taken up all 4 RWR slots and prevented the friendly ones. New track has 2 hostiles and 2 friendlies (also they're not MIDs capable, if that makes a difference, shouldn't though). But incorrect behavior is still seen. Thanks. SA Friendly RWR bug 2.trk
  23. A bug has been introduced with the Friendly ID RWR indicators on the SA Page (and RDR page). The SA page RWR yellow triangles correctly appear for hostile contacts. However, no matter what the setting of the 'Friendly ID' (Friend ID / No ID / None), friendly AI spikes now never show. The same applies for the repeated info at the top of AA RDR page. This used to work correctly. I'm not sure when it got bugged, most likely last OB update. Please see track where rightmost 2 contacts are Friendlies and produce EW page spikes, yet do not produce SA page yellow triangles. Again this used to work correctly. Thanks. SA Friendly RWR bug.trk
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