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  1. I've noticed the canard vortices are now subdued and appear at higher AOA's.... ...but the wing vortices have taken their place, they appear all the time, even at the low AOA's just like the canard ones did, was this the intention? It appears unrealistic to me.
  2. A big thankyou for the latest updates to the viggen. I've not had time to test all the fixes yet but appears that the ARAK AP not firing has been fixed, which is great. I also noted the new wing tip contrails and updated parameters for canard contrails. Nice. However there are a few bugs that are still outstanding: I'm still seeing M's for RUTA waypoints instead of R's. I'm 100% convinced I'm doing things right, but can't get the R's to show. The various programable parameters for the RB-15f are still not working correctly. Missiles behave exactly the same what ever you input. Except for the Multiple N attack mode, that works. Setting Angle Jump and Group target Selection in the mission editor for the Rb-04 has no effect in game. I'm not seeing white RB-75? A patch note from a while ago states they were changed from painted green to white? Anyone seeing this? I'm using 1.5.7 stable. Many thanks for continued support on the wonderful airplane.
  3. Valb selected. There only setting that appears to work or have an effect is the 81 address - Target selection, I managed to get Multiple N working.
  4. Bump this, these settings are not working. Please please fix
  5. I read sometime ago, I think on reddit, that if you select Attack before ANF, the missile settings aren't loaded into missile. However, I've tried it both ways and it makes no difference. It would be really nice if we could have these detail tweeks, it adds to the immersion factor....... Can the devs take a look?
  6. Hey all, I've been playing around with all of the Anti-Shipping weapons recently. It's a fun role, but I'm specifically struggling with the more advanced features of both the Rb-04 and Rb-15. Firstly the Rb-04 - They work great in Single mode and I can get them to hit in Group, but I'm exploring the Angle Jump and Group selection features. The mission editor lets you modify the settings for which group targets you want the missiles to go for. If for example I choose First and Third, does this mean 1 missile will target the first target and 1 missile the third target in a group. The kneeboard info seems to back this up. Only problem is....it doesn't seem to work, I've tested this on a group arranged in depth and both missiles went for the first target. What about the Angle Jump feature? My understanding is that it allows the weapons to skip the first sweep / column it detects and go after the next one. Again designed to spread the missiles over many targets. I've yet to see this happening in game. Is it working? Has anyone observed the correct behaviour? I notice that you can set these Rb-04 settings per individual aircraft. This would be useful for a massed multi-aircraft attack on multi-targets, but will the AI aircraft / weapons follow the logic? Secondly the Rb-15F, obviously a more advanced weapon. Can anyone confirm are the reconfigurable setting on the TAKT 81-86 addresses actually working as intended? I tried the 800004 setting for bearing search and it behaved exactly the same as a default missile. I've also tried modifying the search and target approach altitudes with TAKT 831000 and 860000 but observed no difference. I've read that switching to ANF before ATTACK on the weapons selector is a bug workaround but this seems to make no difference.
  7. Hope the devs are open to fixing a few more features / bugs: 1. The Oxygen system seems to be partially modeled in that the oxygen supply is used up, as seen on the oxy gauge. However, turning the valve off has no effect i.e the system still works with the valve selected off. There is also no caution caption/light when the valve is selected off. 2. The Cockpit pressurization system seems to be non-functional - the gauge shows 0 cabin alt even at 25000+ . I'm not sure this can be correct since it would produce a very high differential pressure. Most fighter aircraft allow the cabin pressure to climb to around 8000'-20000' depending on altitude. Together they're minor but immersion wise it's important to have small aircraft details like these. Still loving the Viggen
  8. Have any of today's fixes made it into the stable 1.5.7, what about the beta 1.5.7 version? If not, will they?
  9. The Viggen has 2 landing lights tucked inside the nose gear bay.... They don't work with either the clickspot or hotkey methods of turning them on. Is this a known issue? I'm not referring to the taxi light, that works fine.
  10. Can anyone confirm....has this update been included with the lastest 1.5.7 update or are we still waiting for it? Because I've missing all of these features...I've still got green RB-75s etc..... Pending ver. 1.5.X (Some released in 2.X) 12/8 Fixed NAV/RR mode releasing re-armed bombs Added white AGM-65 Maverick (RB75) (Swedish style!) Fixed radar elevation in AA mode Viggen now works from Saved Games path Corrections to input/output validation Updated RU/CN locale Added R for RUTA waypoints First wave of directory cleanup Fixed kneeboard text issues Re-added PBR corrected cockpit model (Cockpit lights will now be properly visible) Reduced HUD glow pending full HUD texture overhaul for PBR BRDF Implemented various Radio functionality Fixes to the Automatic Fuel Regulator Fixes to afterburner at altitude RB-04 no longer launching (exploding) when re-armed Correction to TILS-stations numbering past 20 Multiple potential CTDs fixed Corrected TILS layer switch not switching back Fixed distance time line getting stuck relative to horizon when in sidewinder fast select mode Fixed backup sights Fixed starter sound Re-added playsound for Walkman Wave 1 of input overhaul Radio is now pre-configured to nearest airfield Fixed issue with FR22 radio becoming unusable after moving radio function selector Fixed broken easter egg (was triggering during normal gameplay) Tuned pylon x,y,z coordinates Added custom data cartridge functionality Added interface for custom data cartridge selection Fixed several normal map issues in cockpit due to incorrect vertex tangents in exporter. Thanks Evgeny @ ED for the Plugin fix!
  11. Yep running latest version. Thanks for looking into it.
  12. It's seems a recurring bug with the Ch-47 not landing is still present..... I can't get it to land at all. Is there a way to bypass this mission if it's bugged and won't let me progress? Otherwise Campaign is best thing A10 has had since 2010.....
  13. Unfortunately the boundary lines with BANA/GRANS don't seem to be working at the moment. The CK37 will take it as an input, but no lines display on the CI. Inputting one boundary line would help with a visual reference for sticking to a planned track/course to a pre-planned target - very useful. Otherwise you have to 'push the head' / 'pull the needle' with the yellow bug on the CI. Reminds me too much of NDB approaches.... Setting boundary lines in real life I guess would be useful for sticking to a pre-planned sector for attack. Maybe for deconfliction purposes for anti-ship missile attack? The RUTA polygon does actually display as it should and works nicely. Although I can't get the waypoint name to change to R1, R2 etc. It just stays on B1, B2 etc - Is this working as intended?
  14. I've experienced long bombs as well - most notably with LEVEL release. I'm now thinking that the QFE setting in the kneeboard might be out by a couple of hPa. If you active pause over the target area and match the altimeter/QFE with the Radar Alt, the QFE that syncs the two readings is 1-2 hPa less than the kneeboard. Dropping with this new QFE setting got me direct hits on the aimpoint. Whether it is a wrong kneeboard QFE or merely the 2 hPa just corrects something else going on is up for debate. Try it and see what results you guys get.
  15. After some testing, I do see the fuel level drop when jettisoning the tank, under some conditions... What these conditions are, I don't know yet, needs more testing. There's a bug in there somewhere.
  16. With a bit of further playing around, I've had a bit of success with PLAN level. I think the long bombs are partly down to user error. The Level bomb (and Toss, even more so) mode is very sensitive to the trigger unsafe / target marking point. However, it's quite difficult to judge the trigger unsafe moment due to the long slant ranges and viewing angle associated with a level delivery. If you try to adhere to the 200m safe altitude setting it makes it even more confusing and difficult...... Generally the steeper the dive angle when you 'unsafe' the better the results. I don't exactly know if this is down to the inherent design in the Viggen's systems, or incorrectly modeled sim stuff....
  17. Yes, agreed. I've just done about a dozen runs with PLAN level with the low 200m safety altitude and all the drops landed about 60 - 100m beyond the target. It does seem to have the same error in the DIVE modes as well. These modes would be very sensitive to a correct QFE setting, but even so there seems to be a problem somewhere. Weirdly the NAV RR bomb mode seems to drop much more accurately. My couple of runs with that were dead on.
  18. I think it's more of a Dive-Toss mode. At least it works better that way - if you pull up with 4Gs at trigger pull, it's quite accurate. The technique as in the manual is slightly contradictory and unclear in it's description. The 'quick' mode seems to be a pure dive delivery though. Maybe it's just a bit bugged - seems to be issues with a fair number of things. I hope time and effort goes into supporting this module for some time, it's the only module that's caught my interest since the A10.
  19. When jettisoning the external fuel tank, the fuel doesn't go with it..... With approx 125% fuel I jettisoned the tank (and visually confirmed tank has gone) and the fuel level stays exactly where it is. I don't think this is right....
  20. Yep, I confirm this as well. I'd like to try some back-weapon weapon aiming. Clearly something is happening since the HUD does go blank - the command is recognized - but the reticle isn't displaying......
  21. Yeah, actually it seems to work if you add the extra zero to the end. Nice tip. RagnarDa can I ask about the BANA/GRANS boundary line feature - this would be a useful in maintaining a planned course to a waypoint or target. Doesn't seem to work at the moment?
  22. Yes, it does and the smoke itself is more grey than black. This applies to ARAK rockets as well - the satisfying dirty black smoke is more grey now. .....Please change it back.....
  23. Wow, thanks that's a real revelation... without sounding too dramatic of course. I had no idea the weapon safety altitude setting in the mission editor applied to bombs - I thought it was just for the Rb04 for some reason. Trigger unsafe with the marker on the target works really well - you're marking the target and the bombing reticle then follows the marked point.....got it. You can fire at any point after the distance line flashes right? You don't need to wait for the two 'wings' to appear? If you do it seems to drop long. The safety altitude setting doesn't seem to affect the high drag bombs though? I can kinda see the logic behind this, if correct. Does the safety alt apply to apply all bomb modes - Dive, CCIP, Toss, Nav, Radar? Thanks RagnarDa.
  24. I've been experimenting with the bomb release modes and they all seem to make sense except the PLAN ANF - level release. What exactly is the symbology telling you? Is the pre-trigger unsafe a CCIP indication? I don't think so. What about after trigger unsafe? The aiming reticle drops out of sight... Is the reticle now indicating a CCIP solution - again I'm not sure. What is the correct moment to UNSAFE? What is the correct moment to fire? At the moment I'm thinking just before you intend to fire - otherwise you loose the reticle...... I've learnt that it can be used for both high-drag and low-drag weapons. Obviously the low-drags are really impractical in this mode since you have to be very fast (1000 km/h +) and low to get a solution, but there seems to be a safety that inhibits release at this height anyway. The high drags are a little difficult as well......... RagnarDa, one of the devs gave a really good description of the AKAK rocket modes and thinking behind it. Can he chip in here to provide a little background thinking and explanation of what's going on in this mode too...... Thanks.
  25. After one week with the Viggen, I'm still really impressed with what the team has achieved. However, there are a few issues that I haven't seen anybody mention yet. I'm sure the dev team are aware of most already, but I'll outline a few if I may. 1. Clock / stopwatch on main panel INOP - would be really useful for referencing against TOT and a general navigation aid. 2. Cabin pressure gauge doesn't seem to work - stuck on zero all the time. Does the oxygen get used up over time? I've not seen the Oxy gauge move. 3. Fixed sight doesn't seem to work. Using the TAKT input 211 should generate the fixed sight. For me it just clears to HUD completely. 4. The TAKT output pylon indicator doesn't work well. The rightmost number (pylon 1?) always shows 0, even with an AIM-9 loaded. After dropping weapons the numbers / status doesn't change. 5. In SPA mode I can get the RUTA recon square to work and the lines to show on the CI, but the waypoint numbers stay at B1, B2 etc. They should show R1, R2 etc I believe. 6. I can't get the boundary lines to show in BANA/GRANS. Inputting a course should show a flashing line on the CI. Rather like the flashing recon square. - This would be REALLY useful for flying the pre-planned track to waypoints. Hopefully this could be added. 7. TERNAV system ON/OFF - I can't seem to turn the TERNAV system off using TAKT input 581000. Doesn't seem to make a difference. 8. Using the illumination bombs is a little weird. The flashing red 'Last Bomb' light doesn't come on even after the bombs have dropped. After the toss this leaves you high and slow thinking the bombs are still to drop. Not good. The actual drop is always off target as well. Otherwise, I'm really impressed. Haven't stopped experimenting all week. Reminds me so much of DI's Tornado from way back. What I wouldn't give for a leatherneck Tornado Gr.1.....
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