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  1. The pilot short/med/long switch definitely 100% works for rockets. Please go try it. It also effects the 30mm and the gun pods. It’s a universal salvo controller. You can’t just fire a pair of rockets in the Hind, except the S-13’s. Short button presses and firing from only one side are good tips.
  2. It's done with the burst length switch on the Pilots weapon panel. SHORT / LONG / MEDIUM. Pretty sure Short = 4, Medium = 8, and Long = 16 rockets per pod. Although I've had 'leftovers' when I thought I was out (UB-32), so there might be some kind of issue. Needs more testing. I
  3. Yep, can confirm. I've seen this too. Quite a big problem.
  4. Was the AG mode specially mentioned in that post? I don’t think it was. It’ll be a strange decision to emit it now, it’s not particularly complicated. It functions similar to the Hornets AG mode, with the added ability to slave/point Maverick seeker and designate for Dive Toss mode.
  5. It's not implemented with JSOW (yet?). It is with JDAM, but you have to be careful and only input headings that make sense given your approach/flightpath heading, +- 30 degrees...ish....works OK. There's still not a dynamic IZLAR that displays a correct LAR area for respecting the TERM parameters, even for JDAM. Will TERM ever be implemented for JSOW? Nobody knows.
  6. The counters aren’t implemented at all yet. Is the integral 30mm even featured on that panel?
  7. In the operators cockpit there is a bombing delay timer. It’s used to apply a delay to the bomb release pickle, to effectively bring the depressed sight line up into the gunsight, where the impact point is normally way below the gunsight/aircraft. Obviously you’d use fixed preplanned reticle depression and times. It’ll be super useful for bombing- is it planned to be implemented later in EA?
  8. Ok, at least it’s being looked at. Thanks.
  9. This CANNOT be how it's supposed to work. Even the tiniest slew will safe the laser, this makes tracking adjustments and attacking moving targets impossible. I'm often making minor adjustments to AREA track with an LGB or LMAV/APKWS in flight - this new behavior makes this impossible..... TPOD is now borderline unusable.
  10. It might be user error but I can’t get the outer scales on the ADI to indicate anything. I Imagine that they are deviation indicators for speed, course, and altitude. To be used with Airspeed stabilise, Course hold, and radar altitude hold functions? Not 100% sure though. Are they not implemented yet, bugged or simply generic instruments not used with the Hind? Or do they work under specific conditions? Thanks.
  11. Yep, the individual lines in the centre should stack on top of each other, not with a line in between.
  12. Been there, done that.... Presumably that switch is to enable some kind of back up mode, where raw air data info is fed to the Doppler. Don’t touch it in normal ops.
  13. Is the Front Operator gunsight supposed to be working? I can't seem to get the sight to turn on, nor control any kind of sight depression..... Might be user error, but trying to manually translate the Russian manual is a chore.
  14. Yes they should do. If the F/F own radar's in RWS or TWS. As stated, it's a bug. Needs fixing.
  15. Much bigger Russian manual is available in the Russian forums. If you read the language. Would an online translation tool be any good on it?
  16. Yeah, he works.....silently. He’s apparently a man of few words initially.
  17. Is this single player? AI donors don’t share their trackfiles / bottom HAFU unless they are in STT. You’ll see the bottom HAFU come up when they attack. I think it used to work about 18 months ago, but it got broken. I believe it still works correctly in MP.
  18. I doubt very much the JDAM autopilot can even manoeuvre with enough precision to ensure a hit with -+1 degree. If it can strike within 2 degrees of the selected angle it’s doing well I guess. Having 359 as North isn’t going to be a problem.
  19. 0 means OFF, or no Impact Azimuth specified. The input values run 0-359. In fact, when 0 is set, the Impact Azimuth line on the SMS page should not show at all.
  20. Guys, I really wouldn’t expect too much from Petrovich, at least in the EA release. We’ll be able to command him to take over control and set certain ‘holds’: heading, speed, altitude etc. I guess he’ll be able to call out threats, and engage them on command with the ATGMs. But otherwise what’s been confirmed? Anything like Jesters command wheel and some of his switch settings options might be an expectation too far. The available publicity on his exact functions are worryingly absent.
  21. Yeah OK, I agree with all that. JDAM still very is WIP, and remains one of the big WIP features. I don’t think AUTO is the one weak point either. It does integrate with most of those items you mentioned however. I was trying to rebut the opinion that AUTO/LFT was fully implemented and complete, that’s all. Cheers.
  22. Indeed, it’s available in FD mode too. But FD mode isn’t modelled at all. As you know, FD mode isn’t even permitted with JDAM....At least at the time of the reference manuals publication. Doesn’t change the fact that our Auto/Loft mode is unfinished at the moment.
  23. Applies to AUTO LOFT as well. The 'Elevation Steering Cue' and the 'Range to LP' should be available in AUTO LFT, as long as a LP is defined. The Loft Initiation Cue (on HSI) is only available in AUTO LFT (with an IZLAR displayed). Obviously mainly applies to PP mode.
  24. Launch points require Auto Loft mode to guide you to the correct point in the sky. If we did have the loft initiation cues on the HSI it would make Auto mode more useful, they tie in together. The lack of all these functions means we can’t utilise Auto mode to its full design potential, hence my argument for it being simplistic at the moment. Anyway, it’s a minor point.
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