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  1. This is exactly how it does it without AGR and Laser ranging. It uses either your BARO altitude combined with known Target elevation (or current waypoint elevation, in CCIP) to calculate height above target. Your dive angle / attitude completes the triangle to determine slant range. Obviously it can use rad alt without a known target elevation over flat terrain. It’s not rocket science or magic at all, and has been the basis of most advanced attack aircraft since the 1960’s. There’s no need for a DTED if using a planned target, or one near a waypoint with known elevation. Notice the A, R and B under the altitude box on HUD? AGR, Rad alt, and BARO respectively. They tell you the ranging source. Real Hornet can have G and L as well I think. GPS or Laser.
  2. When you use the STEP function on the SA page, the resulting yellow box with Mach and Altitude is not vertically centred on the contact symbol. Instead it’s offset in an ‘up’ direction. Thats what’s being reported.
  3. Excellent post and +1 to everything mentioned. I'll add in a request for a much needed clean up of the BIT main page. INS cautions that don't clear on a hot start, MIDs that never clears even when fully operational, likewise IFF etc. Needs a good debug. AIM-7P was mentioned as coming at one point.... White thermal coatings for Navy munitions? Some of those smaller items would be, I imagine, relatively easy to add for little extra overall manhours to the project. The Hornet deserves it.
  4. If you have evidence that US F-16CM HSD threat circles absolutely positively remain yellow when inside the lethal range, then OK we'll deal with it. Where did you get the source for yellow circles in the first place? If you indeed do not have this in writing, then surely the MLU manuals represent a better/additional source that make perfect sense to apply. What am I missing here?
  5. The inter tank valve light should be illuminated when the valve is open. The normal position of the switch should UP i.e open, with the light illuminated. I think the English translation on that light is wrong, it should say ‘Isolating valve open’. The valve is closed manually when a fuel leak in one of the lower fuel cells is suspected. ....at least that’s what I can gather from one reference I have. How does it work now?
  6. Loft mode will provide a dotted arc on the HSI that is linked to the 15 / 30 / 45 options you select when selecting Auto Loft mode. Obviously the arc will present the optimum position at which to pitch up, at one of those angles, at 4g to provide maximum loft to the JDAM. There’s some debate whether it actually improves range in all scenarios, since the JDAM itself has an autopilot that decides how to fly, unlike a purely ballistic dumb bomb. We should also get Launch Points, hopefully, which are another thing. JPF has sort of been confirmed as coming later, to be used with many aircraft.
  7. Why are the older campaigns like 'Iranian Invasion' and 'Inherent Resolve' not available in 4.0? The 4.0 included campaigns lack a lot of variety - especially for the Persian Gulf, they seem to pack enemy air assets into a small area.... Iran just spams F-14's and with the current AI tactics, it's neither fun nor authentic.
  8. Yep, those manuals have been going around for years. There’s lots of stuff in there, easy to reference, that’s currently incorrect in our Viper.
  9. It’s a real feature. Amongst hopefully many other HSD features to be tweaked/added.
  10. You mean the CBU-105, the -103 is just the WCMD version of CBU-87. I've found JSOW A (same dumb bomblets as CBU-87) to be moderately effective against soft targets like SAM sites. Although you need to play with the function height, and accurately target them. Against any kind of armour....not so much. ED needs to look at the splash and fragmentation damage aspect ASAP.
  11. The pilot short/med/long switch definitely 100% works for rockets. Please go try it. It also effects the 30mm and the gun pods. It’s a universal salvo controller. You can’t just fire a pair of rockets in the Hind, except the S-13’s. Short button presses and firing from only one side are good tips.
  12. It's done with the burst length switch on the Pilots weapon panel. SHORT / LONG / MEDIUM. Pretty sure Short = 4, Medium = 8, and Long = 16 rockets per pod. Although I've had 'leftovers' when I thought I was out (UB-32), so there might be some kind of issue. Needs more testing. I
  13. Yep, can confirm. I've seen this too. Quite a big problem.
  14. Was the AG mode specially mentioned in that post? I don’t think it was. It’ll be a strange decision to emit it now, it’s not particularly complicated. It functions similar to the Hornets AG mode, with the added ability to slave/point Maverick seeker and designate for Dive Toss mode.
  15. It's not implemented with JSOW (yet?). It is with JDAM, but you have to be careful and only input headings that make sense given your approach/flightpath heading, +- 30 degrees...ish....works OK. There's still not a dynamic IZLAR that displays a correct LAR area for respecting the TERM parameters, even for JDAM. Will TERM ever be implemented for JSOW? Nobody knows.
  16. The counters aren’t implemented at all yet. Is the integral 30mm even featured on that panel?
  17. In the operators cockpit there is a bombing delay timer. It’s used to apply a delay to the bomb release pickle, to effectively bring the depressed sight line up into the gunsight, where the impact point is normally way below the gunsight/aircraft. Obviously you’d use fixed preplanned reticle depression and times. It’ll be super useful for bombing- is it planned to be implemented later in EA?
  18. Ok, at least it’s being looked at. Thanks.
  19. This CANNOT be how it's supposed to work. Even the tiniest slew will safe the laser, this makes tracking adjustments and attacking moving targets impossible. I'm often making minor adjustments to AREA track with an LGB or LMAV/APKWS in flight - this new behavior makes this impossible..... TPOD is now borderline unusable.
  20. It might be user error but I can’t get the outer scales on the ADI to indicate anything. I Imagine that they are deviation indicators for speed, course, and altitude. To be used with Airspeed stabilise, Course hold, and radar altitude hold functions? Not 100% sure though. Are they not implemented yet, bugged or simply generic instruments not used with the Hind? Or do they work under specific conditions? Thanks.
  21. Yep, the individual lines in the centre should stack on top of each other, not with a line in between.
  22. Been there, done that.... Presumably that switch is to enable some kind of back up mode, where raw air data info is fed to the Doppler. Don’t touch it in normal ops.
  23. Is the Front Operator gunsight supposed to be working? I can't seem to get the sight to turn on, nor control any kind of sight depression..... Might be user error, but trying to manually translate the Russian manual is a chore.
  24. Yes they should do. If the F/F own radar's in RWS or TWS. As stated, it's a bug. Needs fixing.
  25. Much bigger Russian manual is available in the Russian forums. If you read the language. Would an online translation tool be any good on it?
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