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  1. 12 minutes ago, le troll des bos said:

    I don't think they are. Although they can be lauched without the need of a continuous lock, it needs the aircraft's radar for final guidance. This way, the heli can track targets, hop up, launch a missile, get back to cover and get its radar back up in the few last seconds to track and guide the missile to its target.


    Don't quote me on that tough... That's what I remember from playing "Jane's AH64D longbow" back in the day (but I believe this sim was pretty well documented, especially for its time).

    Not correct. The aircrafts FCR is not needed for final guidance. The radar Hellfire is fire and forget, with its own radar seeker. You don’t technically even need the aircraft FCR to use radar Hellfire. The target location can come from the TADs or a datalink target location. 

    Actually Janes has this modelled correctly at the time. Although obviously the whole thing was somewhat simplified. 

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  2. 4 minutes ago, Raptor9 said:

    The Longbow and Tactical Internet are two different things.

    Ah, OK. Thanks for the correction. 

    Are you able to expand at all? Was the datalink generally a big thing for everyday employment? Or did voice and LST/Visual talkon type techniques still rule?

  3. No, the datalink/IDM is only available to talk to other Longbows. There’s a few networks you can connect to….but I believe the Longbow TI, or Tactical Internet is the most important. It allows you to send and receive a bunch of stuff to fellow Longbow Apaches…..waypoints, routes, target points, FCR targets, PFZs, No fire Zones etc. Also free text messages. 

    There’s also the ability to use ATHS and TACFIRE networks, but I believe these are purely used to call in air/artillery fire support and also link with observation Kiowas. Don’t know how much use these features had in real life. Heard different things about that. ED will probably omit these bits.

  4. Multi Target Tracker. Allows you to get a contrast auto track (think point track in TGP terms) on a Primary target and up to 2 secondary targets within the TADs field of view. You can then quickly step between the tracked targets with a HOTAS command. 

    I don’t know whether any form of Image Auto Track will be present at Early Access? If not then we’ll be reliant on manual tracking/slewing which might get interesting with a moving target….. 

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  5. In the mean time, you can experiment and make your own. 

    Active pause, some measurements from the F10 map and a calculator lets you get close. 

    100kg bombs, Level bombing - 200km/h, 400m height, use 3.5s on bombing timer (3.8s to be precise, but you can’t do that). Use the Opertors fixed back up sight as the reference. Get Petrovich to line up and fly the parameters. Start timer when target passes the reference, pickle at yellow light.


    Worked well for me, but very predictable flight path. I can see why the west leaves bombing to the fast movers. 

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  6. 40 minutes ago, SCPanda said:

    We do have program 6, it's the Bypass mode. It releases 1 chaff and 1 flare by default. 


    Go to DCSWorld\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\Cockpit\Scripts\EWS\CMDS\device, open the CMDS_ALE47.lua with notebook. It says: 


    -- MAN 6 - BYPASS mode
    programs[ProgramNames.MAN_6] = {
        chaff = {
            burstQty     = 1,
            burstIntv    = 0.02,
            salvoQty    = 1,
            salvoIntv    = 0.5,
        flare = {
            burstQty    = 1,
            burstIntv    = 0.02,
            salvoQty    = 1,
            salvoIntv    = 0.5,


    You could edit program 1-5, so you don't have to configure your CMS programs everytime you get into a new jet. I haven't tried edit program 6, since I don't use bypass mode, but you could give it a try. 

    Ok, but I’m not sure Bypass mode should be called Program 6 though. 

    In BMS there’s dedicated P6 in addition to Bypass mode. It’s activated with CMS Left. Again, I’m not sure how accurate it is for a 2007 USAF Viper. 

    (In BMS you could have 3 different programs available with only 1 button press required….CMS Forward (P1-4), CMS Left (P6), and the Slap Switch.)

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  7. It’s 5 in BMS, I believe. It’s 5 in DCS as well. 

    Anyone know why we don’t have a Program 6 in DCS? Was it a MLU only thing?
    Is ‘CMS left’ used for something else in the USAF version we’re getting? Towed decoy deployment maybe?

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  8. 2 hours ago, Machalot said:

    Why? Seems like most of the bombs would miss on either side.

    Yeah but if you aim for a string along the axis, if one misses they all miss. 

    With an offset you stand the most chance of getting at least 1 bomb on target even with aiming inaccuracies. One bomb/crater might be enough to put the runway out of action for a few hours. 

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  9. In the real world, basic High-drag bombs would probably represent one of the worst options for runway cratering. Dropped at low altitude, they would be coming in at a low angle and relatively low velocity. Even with a delay fuze they are likely to skip off the surface, or at very least not penetrate very far due to low impact speed, causing superficial damage. If you need to use unguided, use LD's delivered in a dive of at least 30-45 degrees. And deliver the string of bombs 30 degrees offset from the runway axis.


    Your best modern realistic bet is multiple JDAM targeted at runway/taxi-way intersections and evenly spaced along the runway. Pretty sure in DCS a crater is a crater though.

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  10. Question here for some of you guys who do this for real....about Ripple Hellfire launches.....?


    When in Ripple Norm, for example, I understand the system will code alternating laser codes from the Primary and Alternate channels. 1st Missile Primary, 2nd Missile Alternate etc Question is, are the Primary and Alternate channels always the same code, i.e you could have 8 missiles in the air with alternating codes, 4 with 1688, 4 with 1511 (for example)? Or do the Primary and Alternate channels get automatically stepped to the next code in sequence? Otherwise what's the point of a Ripple engagement if you've only got 2 codes / 2 designators to work with.


    I would have thought you can have as many targets as designators (codes) i.e up to 16? (unlikely but in theory....)  How would this work if it merely stepped between static Pri and Alt channels? The docs aren't too clear. Also, why do we have 4 missile channels? Does this come into play here?


    Hope that made sense, thanks.

  11. This modelled wrong, no doubt about it. 

    The HUD bullseye information should display whenever the FCR is active in an AA mode. This is from multiple RL docs. 

    So we shouldn’t see it in any AG mode, but the type of weapon carried, HARM, JDAM, dumb bomb etc is TOTALLY irrelevant. ED seem to think it’s related to carrying IAM bombs, or HARM, but that’s wrong. 

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  12. Loving the sneak peaks, and the latest ‘rockets’ sneak peak mentions HE, smoke and illumination rocket types. Also mentioned is the future addition of MPSM and Flechette warheads. 


    Question is, will the EA release feature the bigger 17 pounder HE warhead, the M229? It seems to be a pretty common choice for the planned timeframe. 

    Might be more effective than the current 10 pound M151. 

  13. So I thought the whole idea of converting coords to MGRS on Steerpoints 21-25 was a feature to allow you to input a location in terms of UTM/MGRS. The current system does not allow you to input any data into the EASTING/NORTHING fields, nor to modify grid square........ The only thing that can be changed is the elevation.


    What exactly was the point of this feature if it doesn't allow any input? Is this correct? WIP? Bug? Bit of a letdown?

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  14. 23 minutes ago, Harker said:

    Yeah, I had misunderstood some functionality. The overall logic is still kinda weird though, so I'm looking into refining my other bug reports. Mainly there is inconsistency between how sensors and release cues work after using the Offset function.


    Most definitely. One inconsistency is when you try a HUD TDC assignment with an offset designated. For example, when becoming visual with a radar offset designated target...the problem is the TDC cue is assigned to the OAP/Waypoint position in the HUD, rather than the target/offset (I.e the target you want to refine the slew on to correct the inherent radar inaccuracy.)

    At least that’s how I remember it working from when I tried it a couple months ago. I’m having a Hornet break at the moment. 


    39 minutes ago, Harker said:

    After looking into it more, the current behavior is actually correct. The confusion came from the fact that the O/S option was available even after manually slewing the designation, but given new information that @Jak525 shared with me, it is normal that the offset will be applied to any existing designation, not just the one from WPDSG.

    I am going to change the title and OP to reflect that the current implementation (on this front) seems to be correct.

    Thanks, I wasn’t going mad then.

    I’ve not played around with offsets much since some ‘fixes’ were made in an OB update a while ago. But the behaviour you describe seems 100% legit, at least on this one point. Validation is sweet. 

  16. Note that the RF (Radar Guided) Hellfire doesn't even need the Longbow FCR to work. It's a self contained seeker in the missile. All it needs is a target location and it will go out and find the target, either locking on before or after launch. The TADs can supply the target location and it can also be passed over the data link. 


    Over the datalink, targets can be passed either as a 'One-off' RF 'handover', or as a set of targets in a pre-configured battlefield 'ZONE' that has been scanned by the FCR. 


    IRL I don't think Apaches would routinely work hand in hand with fast jets etc. Maybe in the E model more common (Link 16, drones etc). So in DCS that would be a bit gamey.

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  17. 8 minutes ago, -Relax- said:

    TCS= Target Camera System?


    Is it possible to do it with Jester? (Multiplayer)

    Nearly, Television Camera System. 


    Nope, not in Jester MP. Although having a slaved TCS is actually far more useful than a T symbol in the HUD. It’s already on the VDI. 

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