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  1. It may be that the checklist page is not calculating correctly. There's been issues here before. I tried in the ME and the GBU-32 weight is correctly approx 1000lbs (sorry didn't note down exact figure).
  2. I'm seeing big issues in single player. The member symbols sync once every few seconds but immediately drift away, usually straight down vertically - the symbol only shows in the correct position for a second. This is a new issue with the latest patch. In the previous version, the sync delay was there, but the symbol still extrapolated forward in time to remain approximately correct until the next sync update. The new behavior is odd and frustrating.
  3. On a similar note, I’m assuming the in-range indications haven’t yet been updated for the improved AMRAAM kinematics? It’s another thing pending that’s kinda important. When did the AMRAAM get its improvements? A fair while ago now.
  4. Just to confirm for everyone.....it is indeed fixed in today’s update. Yay.
  5. There's been no news. I wouldn't explicitly expect anything major Hornet related, except maybe a few minor bug fixes. Tomorrow's patch is sort of an extra just to accommodate the F-14A release. I'm more than happy to be wrong though.
  6. You can also add a 'datalink WP', using the ME. If you add 'DLST', 'DLFP', 'DLWP'(1,2,3?) to the special tab in the ME, same way as normal ST, FP etc. I may be misremembering the exact syntax though. These represent WP's that could be sent IRL from the AWACS over the Link 4 network. They can't be directly navigated to, but can be TID hooked etc. They can be used as additional markers atm, I would love to see a GUI in MP where these could be sent real time, along with commands to intercept or attack a track.
  7. Yeah OK, I did notice a few issues with the 'A' display which I though were a bit odd. I need to test more. I would still expect AGR to be most accurate at steeper slant/grazing angles. Oh, the DDI. Well I guess it still has to display something when switching from 'map'. The alternative would be a blank screen or a raw video 'strobe' return. Obviously you wouldn't be referring to the slant range data 'live' in flight. If the DDI recorders are set to record the DDI's the data might be useful for post-flight debriefing / technique analysis.
  8. A only shows in a dive because the radar dish needs to be pointing down to see the ground. Obviously it can gimbal a certain amount, but it helps if the nose is pointed in the right direction. The practical use is accurate ranging and therefore more accurate CCIP and AUTO. Whether or not that difference is modeled correctly in sim is still up for debate. The greatest difference / effect should be when either BARO or RAD ALT ranging can't be relied on. In the case of RAD ALT, the height directly down under the aircraft at time of release should equal the height above the target at time of
  9. No it shouldn’t be. Only if you assign TDC to HUD. Which is the manual way of commanding AGR. You can also command it during an AUTO (TGT Designated) situation, as a more accurate ranging compared to BARO or RAD.
  10. AGR isn't really needed to designate a new TGT as such. It's used to provide the slant range for the bombing calculation. Hence the name. SCS forward sort of has two functions. It assigns the TDC to the HUD to enable slewing AND commands AGR. You need AGR when slewing in order to correctly range the visual line of sight you're aiming at. AGR is more accurate than a pure BARO or RAD ALT calculation. AGR isn't used all the time because it's only 1 of many ranging methods. The most appropriate of which is used depending on the situation. If you've used the A/G Radar MAP or Expand function to d
  11. Yeah it would. Common logic would suggest Mavericks don't magically align with an INS derived point. But of course, we don't know the real procedure atm.
  12. Yes, but how does the Maverick know where to look exactly at that nav location? The seeker would still be off by an alignment error. Every seeker slightly different, rail + pylon installation error etc etc. There might not be an alignment/boresighting procedure in the Hornet IRL, but if so, it shouldn't be possible to get a perfect 'handoff' everytime. If there really isn't a boresigting mechanic in the Hornet, then IRL a separate MAV slew was needed every time. Which sounds semi-plausible.
  13. IN LAR shows shows instead of SHOOT, when locked on a friendly. It’s bad form for the avionics to tell you to shoot a friendly.
  14. Ahh OK, if the AI only transmit when in STT, then that explains it. It used to work in plain search though. Frustrating. Yep, PM me at some point, time's a bit tight later unfortunately.
  15. Ok I agree, but I think that highlights another Bug lol.... If you deselect SURV or have no AWACS why aren't we getting the F/F (members) link information? I've made a track/report about this a few weeks ago. I don't think it's fixed. Can you see what I mean? edit: original bug report https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-f-a-18c-hornet/bugs-aa/291070-investigating-f-f-datalink-contracts-not-showing
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