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  1. plz ED can we get a little more animation in the crews while standing i noticed most deck crew are all with arms down there sides, looks odd, can u animate some arm movements folded arms and hands pinned in vest sometimes some times maybe a scratch.
  2. on carrier deck and ground rain snow splash would be nice addition.
  3. fly as crew chief , and door gunner. ports out windows u can fire ak47s.
  4. possible to add blinking eyes to the pilots faces , hind as a example.
  5. highly recommend him for PC parts and help, very knowledgeable on computer hardware. done me a great deal on used parts. thankyou sir.
  6. will be awesome to see.
  7. lol what ones google earth?
  8. could we see the inside cockpit lights from external view point would be great. switch red to white.. immersion factor.
  9. i think ED implemented new animations so we could see a human type player, even being able to climb in out planes walk around do virtual air frame inspections.
  10. never had a issue with new egg.
  11. anyone selling old cpu motherboard pm me.
  12. animated grass and tree sway under thrust and rotor wash plz plz ED thx.
  13. cannot believe they even added the rotating beacon mechanism going round in lens my jaw fell off.
  14. the audio is fantastic so far, am hoping we can get distant doppler type effect rotor thump...down the line.
  15. utterly amazed at the level of details in the mi 24 module stunning work thx guys.
  16. dude your a utter genius it worked thx very much about to enjoy DCS mi 24.. thankyou.
  17. autoupdate_log.txt log this a hardware failure ? ssd? but it seems ok when i go in it bios and its there listed.. click through it fine pics etc.
  18. bump is anyone else getting this?
  19. 00106.538 STATUS: Hash mismatch. hdr: 1f8b0800 now saying this then shuts down...
  20. i cant understand this , wont download?, yet when i run a scan on SSD says no errors seams fine... trying again..
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