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  1. yes its nice that video, was hoping for another one ...
  2. maybe a little video on the clouds would be nice.
  3. if ed could add animated grass tree sway with the dust ,++ ability to turn animations off in options to.
  4. this map still needs some more spit polish a little in performance.
  5. rivers need some better effects in flow render specially down hill.
  6. roll out the mi 24 ED ..........................>
  7. should be a option, I hate clear unrealistic glass as if nothing is there. until they do animated glass effects.
  8. wow what map is this new effects?
  9. i agree this needs improved also wash animation of the grass and tree sway from thrust. ability to disable enable animation in options.
  10. yea this will help ed for some details.
  11. another hind video would be nice... and more screens.
  12. love to see animation of soldiers deploy in and out the mi24 and see them in back...
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