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  1. Updated the first post with a new video on TOO Mode.
  2. From ED's Facebook post today: The four runways at North Field were lettered "A", "B", "C" and "D" from north to south and were said to resemble the deck of a busy aircraft carrier. The North Field airbase was the first loading and launching point for the atomic bomb attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. At the end of WWII the base was placed in a standby status and officially closed in March, 1947.
  3. The Mosquito, Apache, Hind and Kiowa offer fantastic potential opportunities for VAICOM like it does for the F-14. I suppose we'll have to see how the crew menu functionality pans out in each module after their release. @Hollywood_315, you've got your work cut out for you! The future is looking bright for DCS!
  4. That and this will be another great opportunity for VAICOM to develop an extension for the Apache like they did for the F-14 AI RIO.
  5. 20+ years ago, so many hours in Jane's Longbow/LB2... it has come full circle. The stars are re-aligning. Thank you Eagle Dynamics.
  6. AI RIO Report Just ran across this the other day. Don't know if has been reported. When saying Scan Elevation for use with the Show Messages/Hints Only feature, the on-screen window shows Scan MIDDLE. However, the correct call would be Scan Level.
  7. SteamVR(Steam) just runs in the background while you're in DCS standalone.
  8. What exactly are you having issues with the new G2? For starters, make sure you have the latest Windows 10 build. Windows Mixed Reality Portal will be updated automatically. As for SteamVR- assuming you have Steam installed- look for and install Windows Mixed Reality for Steam VR. SteamVR will allow you to make some resolution and other tweaks for games. Launch Mixed Reality Portal Launch SteamVR. To use VR in DCS, in main menu of DCS, click on the options (gear) icon up top. Then go to the VR tab to the far right. Check the box for Enable Virtual Reality Headset. Check the box f
  9. Stepped up from the G1. Overall improvements in several areas. Comfort- better fit. I think longer stints like 2- 4 hours will be more comfortable. Clearer, brighter and better contrast. If there was any screen door effect in the G1, it's basically non-existent in the G2. That's huge. I miss having the 3.5mm jack to use my own earbuds and mic, but the new speakers and mic are a step up. The G2 is a tad heavier than the G1. 500g/1.1 lbs vs 550g/1.2 lbs. The cable to/from the HMD is thinner and less intrusive than the G1. The G2 faceplate is much easier to remove and manage than the G1 which
  10. I really enjoy this new VAICOM extension. A couple of things I have run across: 1) Case II and III arrival notes for Supercarrier are not being written down. 2) When "clearing" the Notes in Dictation Mode, the first line doesn't clear.
  11. @Multiplayer team - thanks for the server. Any chance on changing the frequency of the "Urgent Message!". I believe it flashes every 2 minutes. How about 4 or 5 minutes?
  12. To commemorate my first DCS video 10 years ago today (A-10C Beta), here is a video demonstrating the multiple JDAM attack in the A-10C II Tank Killer. Brush up on mark points, no flight plan creation required. Using the new DLZ (Dynamic Launch Zone) indication in the HUD
  13. Any updates on Iron Flag Training? Will it be compatible for A-10C II?
  14. I just verified it yesterday with 3 runs in OB .50321. Worked for me. Not that I don't believe you. May be a bug? I guess YMMV.
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