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  1. Okay, I do not have the Navy Equipment mod so I have to try something else. Maby deleting the VSN mods.
  2. yes I did, "late activation" is unchecked. I also ran the repair tool, that didn't seem to solve the problem. I tested the LAV-25 mission and in the mission editor everthying seems to be fine but the LAV isn't there when I run the mission.
  3. I'm sure "hidden" is unchecked no same problem here
  4. hii, I have a problem with placing ground units in the ME. When I place a ground unit everything seems to be fine but when I load the mission it does not appear. This happens with ground vehicles and ships. This problem does not occur with aircraft. I hope somebody can help me out. (I have the VSN aicraft mods installed, these are the only modded files I have currently and yes I ran the repair tool but without any success).
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