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  1. Can we have an own Subforum for the Intruder? And maybe move all releated threads into it? To keep a better overview? Thanks a lot
  2. Would love to see a South Korea livery included too
  3. I re-ckecked the skin-contest for the F-5. Just the IRIAF HESA Azarakhsh livery is from the contest. The reported liveries didnt come from the contest. So, its not offensive, if those were replaced. Wags mentioned about updating the f-5. Would it be possible to add this livery-swap to the Update-roadmap? Just removing the old ones and add the ones from Sadjad. @Wags @BIGNEWY Big Thanks again to Sadjad for the offer to use his corrected liveries.
  4. L-39 Liveries are already there, but bound to Germany. Could they moved to GDR? @BIGNEWY Thanks PS: I think liveries for mig15 are also already there, they just needed to be moved to GDR. At the moment they belong to Germany.
  5. So hyped for it. Best announcement scine the tomcat in my opinion. Can we have an own sub-forum for the intruder? And maybe move this thread to it? Thanks
  6. Yes, but this should be done officially by ED within the nextpatch/update. Please ED, take a look.
  7. ok, but I like to have a Thunderbirds livery officially included in the module. This is my point you missed. Why not supporting to include it. It doesnt hurt you to support including it. If you dont want to have aThunderbirds livery included, thats ok. I dont understand it, but its ok. You dont have to support it to be included. But please also not working against it. Thunderbirds needed to be included officially.
  8. +1 Please add a few missing liveries to the Hornet. missing quadrons and/or missing HiViz to existing LowViz. Thanks
  9. Now the contest for the Tomcat and Viggen is over. Would it be possible to do a Contest for the Hornet? Thanks
  10. Yes, of course not adding tons of liveries. Just adding some missing famous squadrons and some HiViz ones. This is a thing which is definitly needed for the Hornet. It feels imcomplete. Would love if ED add some liveries. Creating on their own or taking from user files, doesnt matter. Important is just to add them to the module. Just plug and play
  11. Agreed. I think its not much effort to swap the "Default Livery" from gamblers to a blank unmarked skin like the Hornet and Tiger. Maybe we can get this for the next patch. Hope the F-16 ED Teams has a look on this.
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