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  1. Haven't flown it yet, but is on my to do list. Thanks for the review.
  2. I haven't flown any of those campaigns. They do seem a little intimidating to me, especially in the Tomcat! But I will eventually give them a go.
  3. I have read the manual about the "start" option in the campaign builder under the stage box. If I was move that option down to one of the last missions of the campaign (under stages) would that allow someone to progress past a mission that they are having difficulty with? I hope my my question makes since!
  4. I can say this if VR is limited much (forced) especially in single player I would have to reconsider DCS purchases in the future. In other words find a new hobby. I do think having options (no limit, soft, hard) in SP for the player to choose is acceptable. I don't know much about MP but maybe leave it up to the induvial servers or options for VR only severs, like I said don't know much about MP so I don't want to step one toes with that. Just my humble opinion. I just really like the immersion with VR and will never go back to head tracking.
  5. I haven't watched it yet but look forward to it. I have been wondering of I should upgrade my 1080ti and if the juice is worth the sqeeze.
  6. I only fly VR. I also have three VR headsets. I could never go back to a monitor with head tracking.
  7. I agree with the above statement from Dograw. I might add though that it comes down to the pilot and tactics implemented.
  8. Didn't see on the latest update that this was fixed. Did I miss something?
  9. Also would like to see artillery like 105, 155. !00% agree with both comments above.
  10. Can someone direct me to info on how to create a page in the kneeboard (F/A18) for frequencies and other info, to help users with a campaign that I created?
  11. I am having similar problems after the most recent update. AI wingman crashing into sea after take off as well.
  12. Okay I think that's pretty much what I did. When I went back to "My Files" I noticed the edit button. I made a note in the description that it was an update and gave the date, not sure if that helps. I am pretty new to all of this. Thanks for your help!
  13. I uploaded a campaign a few weeks ago. It has a few bugs that users have noticed and I have fixed most of them and was wanting to upload an update. What is the best way to do that? Should I remove the previous campaign and upload a new one? I thought about just uploading the updated one and listing as such. Or is there a better way to update it?
  14. Not really, just like anything else it takes practice. The biggest challenge for me is transitioning from forward flight to hovering or landing. Trimming is my friend. Lots of videos out there to help get you stated. I would highly recommend it! Still love fixed wing more but low level missions are a blast in a helicopter.
  15. Anyone else notice there is zero leg room for the front seat? Just an observation.
  16. Zip file step is what I was missing. After going back and looking at the upload page I noticed the type of files that are acceptable. This was my first attempt at building a campaign, so I hope all works well. Thanks for your help!
  17. What file do I need to upload to user files to upload a campaign that I created? Is only the .cmp file? Because in my campaign folder it has the .cmp file and all the .miz files associated with the campaign. I know that is about as clear as mud!
  18. +1 with toggle on/off, would declutter map
  19. Thanks for the input. I love my 1080ti, it's a beast!. I currently have i7 7700K but have been wanting to upgrade a little. I fly VR and have had decent performance except for Marianas. I am keeping my budget in mind and also preparing for a different GPU at some point. This will bee my first build BTW! Yikes!!!!
  20. Any problems running those two together with DCS, until the prices and availability on GPUs improve (if ever)?
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