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  1. The money's out the bank.....but I don't hear any rotors inbound.....only jokingThis is my retirement present from my wonderful wife. Never in the field of Apache Helicopters have such new aircraft been flown by such old pilots!
  2. It'll be done when it's done, and we'll be happy whenever that is
  3. Gotta try that with the Starfighter lol
  4. Nice, THANK YOU all V-bombers or any V-Bombers static or otherwise, welcomed here, take your own good time too.
  5. Could we have a Luftwaffe skin, kg100 used them to help pilots sort out attack profiles. Now we have the Mossie....I'd like to attack something bigger...Like a Condor....but needs must Thanks in advance
  6. Your Chinook is a masterpiece mate, just cos we’re too busy to read paperwork in our short “flying widow” it’s our problem to sort, have a habit of climb in fire whatever it is up and launch to squeeze as much enjoyment before the...”You’re dinner’s going cold. Thanks for your work
  7. I got hit by the top rear gunner of a Ju88 off Manston, but the cannon & guns made short work of it’s left engine and everyone bailed out, switching to external view, man my tail was in tatters! The damage looks so impressive..I won’t get so close in future
  8. Got myself into a big hole, self inflicted as I ran out of time/speed/height while trying to move the safety cover with my mouse...not very safe eh. I like the reality...but agree the gear up/down may be best as we don’t have enough buttons to assign. I’ll go much further out to sea for the landing in future. Brilliant aircraft
  9. Ah each time I've loaded it, it's been engines running.....think you've hit on something, cheers
  10. Thanks for the Static Vulcan, appreciated
  11. Thanks for the new DLL. Some improvement in handling when in the air, however, still sticking to the ground like glue. With 8/10 collective it starts to lift the back wheels and roll to the left onto it's side. So started in the air and was able to put it on the ground with about 7/10 collective. Putting the collective further down cause it to roll in my 'normal' fashion. I'm just using the throttle in invert mode. Same as I do for all my other helicopters with engines at full tilt all the time. So will keep doing airstarts and playing with it, thank you
  12. HI Dweeb, Still struggling. Can start in the air and with adjustments to curves I can land it. Still have a problem that the collective, my right throttle on HOTAS Warthog, only has the latter 1/2 of it's 'play' that is effective, the visuals of the collective seem to come up until the 1/2 way, then go down for the other 1/2. Visuals are not the most important. However if I start from the ground the collective even at max is not lifting the aircraft off the ground, any adjustment around there then gets it to hop on it's front wheels and the aircraft rotates around the front ...stuck on the ground wheels and roll over to the right. By moving the collective I can scrape it up and down the runway, but it will not fly from there. Must be my set up, no 2 pc's are the same. Anyone else got anything similar....lots to play with here. But if I start in the air, it's great fun, and thanks
  13. Hi Dweeb, Thanks for replying. Tried that and still ended up on my face and left rolling. So put +20 curves, deadspace 6 on the joystick, and pedals. Put it in the air and it didn't roll over. So now playing with my curves and trying to bring it in for a landing. Thoroughly enjoying it, RAF Chinook in grey green of course, show's how old I am haha. but really enjoyed my time alongside the Chinooks whilst I was in the mob, so thanks for an excellent model, and support
  14. Can I ask advice on setting up controls. I use the Hotas Warthog with the collective being in reverse on my Right Throttle. But the Chinook, will hardly lift when I use it and the animation of the collective show's I'm lifting then dumping it? Also the pedals, have the MFG Crosswinds and the aircraft is rolling left or right almost as soon as I lift off....doing a short circular hop and then lying on my side? I have no problem with the UH-1, ka50 etc, So what am I doing wrong? LOVE THE MODEL Any hints appreciated
  15. As I recall the creators buy a 3d model from say 'Turbosquid' or any other relevant site, and the do their best to get it to work. These models range from simple, not too expensive to.....you must be joking...! So in general we take what we get, and it could be that some people have bought the model and gifted it. But I wouldn't do any of that without contacting the person who would convert it, to find out if it can be converted into something worthwhile, hope this helps.
  16. The flyable link failed, but thanks for this anyway
  17. Glad I found this thread, I was confused by the announcement as I logged to to play, but I've already paid for the channel map, this is an encouragement to those who don't have it yet....duh...got it! Thanks all
  18. I understand that a lot of planes use the P-51 cockpit, see Markindel's various aircraft. I did say, As far as I know, no one seems to be doing other marks of any of the original aircraft. Hopefully a more knowledgeable person will be able to help further
  19. I'm fairly sure no one has because it's a ED/issued so protected copyright etc AFAIK
  20. Aye lost the RAF GSE trolley, eeeek, I used that a lot, but at least it does not stop us from opening the file and amending it. Got the RAF Truck and Rapier still with us. Would be good to get it fixed
  21. Thanks for that razo+r, guess it saves an axis. As we have an AI, they could modify that without too much trouble, but better still would be a Flyable version, with the solid nose and guns,.....even if it is generally going to lose!
  22. My tuppence worth, I like it a lot. It's a big unit and clamps to my game chair, right side, I have the warthog on the left, so I'm kinda flying left handed when I'm manipulating the Bravo, feels a bit wierd but hey ho, nice problem to have. It stays put, and very smooth in operation. I thought the lever's looked quite 'dinky' I have large hands, but actually once you start using it you can easily hold all 4 levers for excellent control. I got it mainly for MSFS2020 but decided to try it on DCS. I unplugged the Hotas so I have 2 sets of control set up for each aircraft without conflicts. It was an expensive purchase, but I would say very well worth the money. I've had other throttles that have felt more plasticy toy like, and they failed. IMHO this isnt and it has the flexibility to swop from 4 engine airliner to anything you want. Comes well packed and the alternative handles are in their own storage boxes for when they are not required. I did fork out £15 for 2 life size knob's for the Boeing 737, but you have to unscrew the handles each time. I gave up and got on with what was in the box. I did try and get two spare lever's but they do not ship parts from the U.S. to the UK so be aware of that. I have no idea if that will come in the future. Hope this helps Thank you Graf Spee for the explanation, I wondered why it was a switch. So won't be waiting for that, appreciate the reply
  23. Razo+r, thanks for that info, my ignorance there. saves me hunting it out. Thank you
  24. Perhaps it could be the JU-88C as used in the Bay of Biscay (See Bloody Biscay, Chris Goss) These aircraft fought regularly and there are a lot of both version on the bottom of that bay!
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