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  1. 1/2 a day later. Using Nellis as the backdrop, I have a rendition of Dover AFB, thanks to the Military Mods guys, so took a security patrol in my Military fast patrol car, (The masaratti - we need a USAF Police skin ..imho) , totally broke the speed limits (RAF one's anyway-that would have cost me my MT Driving permit - CP3 Safe for airfields....colour blind, if you need to know) I have some Strykers patrolling the perimeter, they look mean. My apologies to the infantry troops doing the patrolling, that is a BIG aircraft apron, and I wasn't carrying any water...SNCO should look after his
  2. The bikes do not appear for me, must be me, anyway I managed to get on the main daul carriageway in Beirut, heading for the port, I was having a blast - no pun intended, with this mod and then saw a flyover, and just as I thought....is it solid....I exploded LOL. THAT WAS BRILLIANT! Thank you
  3. F-105, Excellent model, excellent sounds and I managed to land it first time, well pleased, thanks to all involved, F-100 or F-111, or whatever you do next, THANK YOU
  4. Chirpy, well done with the Jayhawk, yes many will be asking for the download, incl me, but, enjoy what your making, in your own time. I have no skills with the PC CAD etc, so take my hat off to you. It's like building a model aircraft, say a vacuform, you have to enjoy learning new tricks etc, and it may turn out as you wanted, you might have to accept some compromise, but it's your enjoyment. Stay Safe
  5. Just put the Hood Bismarck duo into the channel map, They have been hammering each other for about 10 mins, both on fire, then Bismarck shot me down....cheek, Excellent thanks
  6. I see an updated F104G Skin on the site, it mentions the F104 was updated in Feb, but the filehost.de website only has update in Jan. Has anyone got an updated link?
  7. Thanks for the update, the aircraft looks GREAT
  8. Wonderful battleship model, I've got the old bismark model, must put them slightly apart and watch what happens, Thanks
  9. Absolutely amazing, Pre-Covid gave a days work at the North East Aircraft Museum, We got a tour of the Vulcan, sat in the Captains seat and it looked so familiar after the Just flight and it's FS2004 predecessor. The guide was impressed I could almost go through an engine start sequence, needed an air engineer....none around. The guys kep asking if I was a pilot, Flight Sim, just confused them....civvies....haha But this would be so awesome to fly, for the 'Black Buc'er's where are you going to put your tankers? T-pap, be very happy with whatever you produce, and don't expect a 100
  10. AH! I may well have done that, will check thank you, YES that was the answer, thanks
  11. 31/01/21 (uk) Cannot see the civ mod aircraft, was about to MOD Beirut intl....no civ or Hercules, looks like the latest update has busted these. Will wait patiently for fix or not, thanks to the devs
  12. Same problem in multiple maps, Hercules, crashes the system and also lost all the airliners as about to populate Beiruit airport. hey hoe
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