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  1. Until two months ago the only "Java" I'd ever heard of was in Indonesia. I have absolutely no concept of what you guys are talking about. Just my two cents!
  2. YES THERE IS! Head over to the 169th forums, they've got details on how to mod your game so you can get tallies at 40nm! Of course, I consider that a cheat, but let your own conscience be your guide. Be aware that a lot of people are using it when you fly online.
  3. All valid counter arguments. Thanks for the results of that poll Mogas. Crunch, I can see where you are coming from, but LRM is not official either, yet it has been embraced. I agree with your views on "balance", as does the rest of my squad. I'm thinking of even running 1.01 or 1.02 on our servers for a bit. If the only big ticket item that you loose is the T Frog, but you regain better missile PK, I can handle that. As for waiting for ED..well. It's been three years since the last patch, glad we didn't hold our breath!
  4. So seeing as most people would agree that the 120's PK is severely under modelled, and seeing as it will be a cold day in hell before ED changes this in a patch, shall we make an executive decision and use LRM to load suedo R77's onto the F15? As a reminder, this in effect would restore the game balance in some ways back to how it was in 1.01.
  5. Hey Pilotasso (and others) - is there any way to change loadouts so that Eagles can load the R77 with the Aim-120 skin? Might help drive some more realistic tactics seeing as the Aim120 is so outclassed by the R77 in Lock on. Alternatively, we could all reload 1.01. I remember the Eagle/Aim120 combination to be vastly more effective back then.
  6. I take full credit for this amazing turn around... http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=36100&page=2 Full steam ahead for 1.14!
  7. Will there be formation lights for night flying? The Walmis model was missing those.
  8. Nice work guys looks like it will be a ripper weekend.
  9. Yeah I'd probably pay 20 bucks to have a few odd things fixed. It's the only game in town as far as I'm concearned. I much preferred the LO in it's 1.02 form, so if we could get a patch to un**** the items we all know about then that would be great. Alternatively, can't we just agree on ditching FC and the T Frog and going back to 1.02? That would suit me fine!
  10. Wow dude, you've missed out on ALOT. Try Hyperlobby for sure. There is often 40+ people in there.
  11. I've done some sluething and I think I've figured out why we've had to wait so long to get a 1.13 patch... it's an unlucky number. The rumour I'm starting is that the devs have been afraid to even work on one. Known as "unlucky 1.13" amongst the ED staff, work on the patch has been stymied by unusual CTD's, ghostly apparitions, and even an unexplained fatality. One staff member reported being approached in an alley way by a man in a trenchcoat who said only "1.13 must not be released if you and your collegues wish to remain among the living", before vanishing into the night. Media enquires, suggesting that the US government is sitting quite on it's knowledge of a 1.13 patch, have been met with denial and distraction. "Weather balloons" or "swamp gas" a spokesman said. No plausible scientific evidence of such thing as a "1.13 patch". But alas, I have a solution... Let's start a 1.14 wishlist. Screw 1.13; forget it ever didn't exist. 1.14, that's our ticket out of this 180' missile FOV mess!
  12. As others have posted, I would loose my throttle before I lost the track ir. You cannot be seriously competative in lock on without it.
  13. Try the fast overcast low mod, i think it's by bobocop, you should find it in lock on files. My system is brand new and still has crap FPS without this mod.
  14. Correct. We just use Fox 4 as an in-house 3Sqn thing.
  15. Nice work dude. Any chance you could add these beacons to aircraft?
  16. Ahh I see what you mean. I always knew they'd just stuffed up the representation of AA, and judging by the manual which says that it should be aspect angle in the top left, this is how they have done it. Weird.
  17. I've never heard of the DTG concept but the figure should be aspect angle in the top left. Of note is that USAF and USN are 180` out when they talk about aspect angle, ie one calls nose on 0 aspect the other calls it 180. Also of note is that in lock on the aspect is incorrectly shown when you turn away from the target, as the target aspect changes on the display while the number does not.
  18. Nice job Rich, that video was awesome. I learnt at least a half a dozen things that I had not picked up even after 5 years of Lock On.
  19. The original F-15 and A-10 models had formation strip lights that you could use to fly formation at night. I've just recently started using Walmis' F-15, so just wondering how hard it would be to add formation strip lights to the model? Also, I know if a mod that increased the brightness of the runway lights. Is there anyway to do this with the aircraft nav lights?
  20. Rugg wanted me to pass on that he very much appreciates everyones comments on his Video
  21. Just my 2 cents, I've hardly used these forums since they got changed a while back. I know you guys always try and fix it for the best, and I appreciate that, but I find the format now to be confusing and scattered. Too many forums for the one game seeing as we are such a small community IMHO. I would support a multiplayer forum to try and get more activity.
  22. Hats off Fudd, the biggest online flight sim event I've ever heard of, a fantastic success. Thank you for all your hard work, catch up with you soon.
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