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  1. Same reason I ended up here too...
  2. 3sqn will be in as long as we can get ping <400. We already know pings to Russia for half our squad is about 380. US servers are probably the best compromise for all. We can probably provide 8 players
  3. Very much the same as the old 169th missions in the days of 1.01 and 1.02. They ran almost exclusively F-15's out of Sochi with 2xAim7 and 4xAim9 vs Su-27's and MiG-29's out of Maykop with 2xR-27R and 4x R73. Eagles did better BVR, ruskies did better WVR.
  4. You won't see hoards of players running to the F-15 if it's given datalink. You'll just see the teams becoming unbalanced in servers in order to offset it's BVR capability. This happened a lot in 1.01. I specifically flew the Su more than the Eagle because it was more of a challenge. You had to work hard to survive to <10nm, once you had tally though it was generally all over for Mr Eagle. I specifically remember joining Red to fly a Flanker when the odds were already 4 blue vs 7 red and F-15 had amraam. This made it fair...after all, once you've got the realism, you've got to have a sporting chance to make it fun right? Come 1.12, the Eagle was initially the tougher bird to fly IMO, especially vs the MiG. Squadron teamwork and tactics have shifted the advantage back to the Eagle in our case at 3sqn. It's a fickle thing, and players will move teams in order to MAKE balance. As people have been pointing our here, balance doesn't have to mean 1:1 ratio.
  5. IMO the implementation of target step is unrealistic and 3Sqn don't condone the use of it.
  6. Yeah you can't. As I said, it will never please everyone. Can only do your best.
  7. Well then based on your last two posts, I guess all you can do it your best to make it above reproach. If people aren't satisfied then they'll disable exported LUA's. It's a tough cookie isn't it? You'll never please everyone. I still don't know how I'd like to implement it on our server. On one hand I'd like the Eagles to have Dlink. On the other I don't want it mis-used or used by Migs/Su's without appropriate instrumentation...which, seeing as their Dlink is displayed in the HUD, LEAVU probably cannot do.
  8. That's unrealistic = bad If LUA can be disabled, then really there is no issue as LEAVU can be banned in servers that so desire.
  9. If I fly the Su-27 then can I use your LEAVU F-15 instruments?
  10. I think the arguments have gotten a bit too complex. Think of it as this. LEAVU allows Dlink for F-15 in a mostly realistic fashion = Good LEAVU allows Dlink of western style for Russian jets = unrealistic LEAVU at this stage cannot be controlled by server = bad There is no way to tell if someone is mis-using LEAVU = bad On the balance, despite the awesomeness of LEAVU for the F-15, it shouldn't be released until the next three problems are sorted out. @ Yoda...corrections?
  11. Good. I think the community would be grateful if you continued trying to sort that out before you release it. Just think of events like Red Flag. Would be hard to get that to happen again if data link cannot be agreed on and is not controllable!
  12. Yoda, GG, as I've mentioned to you both, I think the datalink is a great idea and I'm amazed at the level of work you've gone into. Properly implemented, it's going to be awesome. But the 51st guys are right to say you are opening a can of worms. Please correct me in the technical department if I'm mis-understanding how you're coding it... If it cannot be enabled/disabled server side, then everyone who doesn't agree with it's implementation is going to consider it a cheat. You might not agree with them, but they will. Now if half the community considers it a cheat, it will DESTROY lock on online. Accusations of cheating will be rife, even more so than they are now with accusations of people modifying graphics, weird mods etc. There are about 4 guys in my squad who stopped flying lock on all together already over the cheating issues. It needs to be something enabled and disabled server side. I understand you are saying that is out of your control with the security issue, whether or not it will be fixed by ED with 2.0 etc. The one thing you CAN control is, whether or not you release this mod. I'd suggest that if ED leaves LUA exporting as is, and you release LEAVU with a significant part of the community calling "cheat", you will be destroying 2.0's online life before it even begins. It would be a great dis-service to yourself, and counter productive to what you are trying to achieve with LEAVU. Remember, I love your mod! But it needs to be above reproach.
  13. This looks awesome dude. Questions... sorry if I've missed the obvious but I've just read the full 18 pages and may not have understood everything. In your example picture above, if you and your wingman were both to turn cold, would those two contacts on your HSD remain or disappear? Ie does it require a radar to be painting that picture? Can you actually target anything on the HSD that flows back into the sim, or is it just showing you what you've already targeted via radar? What's beneath the blacked out bit of that screenshot ??? :-D
  14. Thanks for posting, a good read. A question: do the developers ever fly online, and if so, would they be interested in a squad match?
  15. Will be interesting to see how it is modeled as the effects of bird strike vary wildly based on size of birds, the number that hit you, where they hit you, and how fast your are going. Ie two seagulls down the intake at takeoff, less than ideal but not really a big deal, just RTB. Pelican to the cockpit at 500kts and it's all over.
  16. I've requested new activations as I have run out and am about to upgrade my PC. Any ideas on how long it normally takes to get the new activations?
  17. Don't forget the jets probably won't see you on radar as you'll be flying too slow...or at least have the option to. We'll probably have to find you via tally.
  18. Any news on changes to lighting for the FC jets? Addition of strobe lights, ability to see the lights at long distance, usable formation lights?
  19. I take full credit. It's my 1.14 ranting that got us all past the requests for 1.13. Ed loved is so much they said "screw it, we'll call it 2.0". I told you all so!
  20. To the Team at ED - excellent work! You have listened to the community and done a brave thing. Making it a paid upgrade is an excellent compromise, giving you the flexibility to do the work that needs to be done . You have just given this game an extension in life of several years. I think I speak for all of 3Sqn when I say thank you and you have our full support.
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