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  1. I've found the same. I'm getting a PK of about 60% with aim120's now, previously it was about 30%.
  2. Thanks for the info Entherealn. We've been finding the gun to be a bit crazy, you just point in the general direction and shoot and it takes the enemy apart. Not much skill required. I kind of feel like Topper Harley in Hot Shots 2 - just throwing bullets at the baddies kills them.
  3. There's another thread on this that was active yesterday, check page 2 of threads.
  4. Following up, I changed team chat to alt m, it brings up the team chat window but after I've used it no functions work at all in the game except for pitch/roll/trackir. I have to alt tab and kill the game.
  5. Just be careful that you don't copy the F-15 to everything, as you will loose the ability to use the helmet as it is not in the F15 keyboard file! Like I just did!
  6. Weird one...after using chat if I do not type anything in (just hit enter) then I cannot use the keyboard. I have to ctrl alt del and kill the game.
  7. Ah, it's actually LWIN F1. It doesn't stay off when you exit the mission, I'm going to look for a way to keep it off. Damned annoying.
  8. How do I stop my pilots' head from flopping around whenever I roll? Ie make it like previous lock on versions.
  9. Lock On 2: Ner ner ner nerner, I told you they would make a patch, nerner ner ner....
  10. 3Sqn_Sven


    I'm running Super EF2000 for Windows 95. Have got it running perfectly in XP, all you need is winthrottle. http://www.oldskool.org/pc/throttle I've got mine throttled to slow down 75%. Having a blast! If anyone wants it I think it's abandonware so I could probably upload it. Anyone keen for some networked campaign action?
  11. If anyone's got any bright ideas on this one, let me know. I'm wanting to install Mech 2 onto my XP system, I did so successfully and was playing however the music wasn't loading correctly. I did a few re-installs trying different mods, however on the 6th reinstall I hit a snag. When I go to install I get a message from the installer saying that I haven't got the CD in the drive. Further details here: http://www.mech2.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=885 Any help would be appreciated, I suspect the problem lies in my system, not in the method of install that the above thread describes, as it worked perfectly on my other box.
  12. 3Sqn_Sven


    For anyone interested, I finally got EF2000 to work under XP at a playable rate. Previously it would run about twice as fast as normal. I've been trying to get this to work for about 5 years, so I'm pretty pleased! I'm using Winthrottle. It's the first CPU slowdown program that has worked for me with EF2000.
  13. We are the 104th... quit your squads and you will be assimilated into our cadet program...resistance is futile... ...Seriously though, well done guys, great to see!
  14. Ring up Sukhoi and demand the answer from them...
  15. There is nothing "reasonable" about you, Reason. I think your arguments really are right at the "edge of reason". To be honest, there is just no "reasoning" with you guys... I could go on, but I can't think of a "reason" to bother....hehehehehehhe *Peter Griffin laugh*
  16. To be honest I can't understand your argument, nor do I understand why you have shown a pic of a 3Sqn F-15 from Red Flag.
  17. I think we are probably singing from the same sheet of music at the end of the day...maybe we can give ED a chance to provide a good upgrade before we judge it?
  18. I use to fly the Su and the Mig all the time in 1.02 because they were the harder jets to fly. The F-15 dominated, but I generally did quite well in the Ru birds. In 1.1 it became too easy, so I started flying the F-15 for a challenge online. Unfortunately I've flown it so often I forgot how to fly the russian birds! At the end of the day 1.1 brought "balance" to the game at the cost of realism. I say phooey to that. The only people complaining about the F-15 getting touched up are the guys that are getting their butts kicked DESPITE having the better missiles (ET and 77). Cry me a river. If you are so disadvantaged, then we'll do things like limiting payloads or making uneven teams to offset the amraam advantage. EITHER way, you are going to die, so instead of winging, read some tactics and get better.
  19. Just so we are clear, it is VERY obvious to everyone else in the server when someone "printscreens", so as cheaters go only the stupid ones use it...
  20. 4,781 posts but only 1 online kill? What's going on dude??? You need to jump in a server a bit more often...
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