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  1. F-15's can't refuel external tanks from the KC-10. AI transport aircraft, notably KC-10 and IL76MD, have ridiculous rates of roll and turn. Need to slow down their roll rates to a realistic level...the by-product of this is tankers you could tank off in a turn.
  2. What's the rough range of a 25T, Full internal fuel, 2 x external tanks, 2 kh-25MPU. High-Med-High profile.
  3. I'm running about 80% as well. Way too sensitive otherwise with a PC stick.
  4. That's what I think too. It seems to be taking you to the outer marker first.
  5. With the F-15, what is the idea behind the range displayed in the HUD when selecting ILS not being the actual range to the field? It seems to go to an intercept point, when you get to 0.0nm it resets to airfield distance. Also, ILS HUD symbology does not appear until through this point, even though it is on the ADI. Is this modeled in accordance with something on the real F-15, or is it the devs best guess? It doesn't work like that in other western aircraft.
  6. I asked about this a few years back, it just wasn't anywhere near the top of the "To Do" lists. The effect itself is as has been stated above, dependent on a lot of atmospherics. But it would be cool.
  7. That's not what he asked. Ivan if you are using the command assigned to 4 key, it's because it's the boresight radar command. If it's the 6 key for "longitudinal aiming mode" my experience (1.12) is that you'll lock the 9, but the seeker is never really uncaged so you won't be able to take your nose off him.
  8. Ahh..."you are like a little miniature Buddha"... lol
  9. ERI I Support file checking and I would begrudgingly give up ERI to guarantee a cheat free server, which is a pity because the ERI features should be present in the sim... Anyone else seeing the %'s of votes being screwed up? They add up to 127%...
  10. Just to confirm it's been deliberately implemented slightly incorrectly?
  11. If IAS is shown in CAC and Helmut then that makes sense.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPsL6hH1KIA The video starts in Nav mode with 550km/h indicated. Shortly later the BVR mode is selected with airspeed at 495km/h and 1900m. It COULD be TAS, but if it was, they are starting the fight at probably low 400's IAS...pretty damn slow. Anyway, only conjecture.
  13. Kind of doesn't make much sense. IAS in combat modes is the relevant one, TAS is only useful really in the Nav mode. But if that's what the manual says...
  14. The issue is related to ERI, and it is the ERI master arm swtich. The other issue is related to ctrl.
  15. Just the weapons release or other commands as well?
  16. I've got an idea of what's happening. If you look at the PACS panel on the eagle, on the right side where it says COOL, if the master arm is set to arm there will be a box around the COOL, if it is safe it will be unboxed. So when I press 2 it is cycling, as opposed to it being just one press. So by looking at the pacs panel you know whether you're safe or armed. I've changed the key to 3 in the ERI script as I use 2. The issue is now that I only want to press it, not cycle it 100 x sec by pressing the 3 key. Maybe I could change it to another button on the main part of the keyboard
  17. We have a winner! How come it doesn't work all the time. I hit numpad 2, I can't fire, I hit it again and I still can't fire, but if I hit it a couple of times I can fire again?
  18. Flaps will add drag, that's normal. They do give you more lift, allowing you to fly slower. You will find that your power settings to land are actually quite high, you are flying slow (thanks to flaps giving you more lift) but you need a lot of power to offset the drag of gear and flaps.
  19. I'm on XP. I've had the same issue as Moa where I've remapped keys for chat to 1.12 default and had all my keys stop working, but this issue of the fire buttons not working is seperate I think. It happens randomly, all other functions work, ie EVERY other button and command works except for weapons release, and it will happen without me using a chat window. It's almost like I'm unwittingly setting the master arm to safe...is there a master arm command now in the fighters?
  20. That's true but you'd be able to fire something. In these frequent cases you can't fire anything, not even guns.
  21. I'm not using the keyboard for anything so it's kind of weird. From Ruggs description of the problem, his issue did seem directly related to the keypad as he uses it. I don't through...
  22. I'm having repeated instances of my weapons release not working. I'm using the ERI mod, otherwise a stock game. Will be fine for about half an hour, then all of a sudden gun trigger and missiles won't work. Been flying the F-15 mostly but it also happens in the russian jets. Same thing happened to Ruggbutt.
  23. I'll check the flanker training track out. I'm getting breakaway when stabilised 100ft back from the boom.
  24. Anyone worked out how to get connected to the KC10? I can't find any training videos or anything covering it in the manual. As soon as I get close I just get a break away call...
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