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  1. This match is on now if anyone wants to join red, jump on ventrillo
  2. 3SQN would be keen, have you got some dates and times in mind?
  3. Hello All, We'll be having a 3Sqn Air-Air Squadmatch on April 2 at 0400GMT. Non-squadron pilots are invited to join our ventrillo comms and fly on the red side in MiG-29A/S and Su-27. A Red team lead from 3Sqn be on comms from 0345GMT to direct you and provide you with a password. There are a total of 10 slots, no need to reserve one, just turn up on the day and take any free spots. The flying should last until at least 0600GMT, so if you can't make it until a bit later that is fine too. Thanks!
  4. Good idea, you guys at the 51st and the 159th have been doing great keeping the interest going.
  5. Just got this mod working, does the trick, so much better!
  6. I got 3 screws out after I bought a new screw driver, but it's seeming likely I'll invent FTL travel before I get this 4th one out.
  7. My issue ATM is getting the damn screws undone. I've got a small enough screw driver but they are dug in tighter than an Alabama tic!
  8. Hey guys, just got a TIR 5, got the 6DOF working with the jets but can't get zoom to work. I normally have zoom mapped to the joy. Any ideas how to get it working / common idiot fixes?
  9. Wicked, thanks very much guys, Ivan's mod sounds like it will do the trick! I'll give it a go soon!
  10. Anyone ever seen any mods to make the CH fighterstick stiffer? I've come from using a different stick for 7 years running and am very use to it, it was about a moderate stiffness, with only about have the throw of the CH axis. I'm struggling like an 80 year old without Viagra to get this thing to do what I want. Getting used to it is going to take ages so I'd rather mod it if it's something simple. And it has to be something simple...I failed shop class...
  11. My biggest upset with SCII is the instability. I have a good system and ever since the latest patch every second online game I play crashes. Out of ~150 games, about 20 have resulted in crashes, which count as a loss. As most of those have happened since the patch, I am barely playing it now merely 6 weeks after buying it.
  12. Haha, yeah, Grimesy and I rarely disagree!
  13. I disagree. IMO, Lock On has been the best there is as far as multiplayer air combat simulation goes for a long time. Sure, there's Falcon 4, but my god it's complicated. Falcon 4 is, no joking, like flying a real jet. It's that complicated. And how many people have the time to learn a real jet when they're not getting paid for it? Not many. The fact is that the MEAT and the reason COMBAT simmers come to any combat sim is in the action. Lock On gives you the choice to fly the best of the worlds air-air fighters and CAS aircraft, and skips over 90% of the individual avionics modelling in order to provide you the best feel of air combat. Ideally the devs would like to give you the 100% solution of perfectly realistic avionics and flight models for all jets, but it's not doable. They wanted to give you the chance to fly essentially 5 types of aircraft with as realistic flight model and weapons as they could provide, so they gave you the 80% solution of simple flight model and simplified but as close as reasonably practical avionics. And it works. Sure, we don;t have all xxxx modes of the radar in the Eagle, or a clickable cockpit for the radar modes in the Russian jets, but it's close. It's not novalogic F-22 style, or Tom Clancy Hawx. You can achieve a realistic feel of air combat in lock on, if you make the appropriate mission. Ka-50 guys, much like Falcon 4 guys, love the in depth simulation of the platform, getting into the start procedures etc, but most of us just don't have the time for it while working a full time job. Not to mention you don't have the back up of proper instruction like a full time pilot in training does...it's all self taught, which takes even more time. The average Lock On guy wants to enjoy his 1 hr a day of free sim time doing the business...killing bad guys. Taking 60 minutes to properly brief a mission, another 60 to get the platform fired up, taxi out, etc, only to get killed after 10min airborne because, guess what, you're in a high threat environment, is no fun. That's why for real, military aviators continue the mission even after they are dead in order to gain experience. You can't do that in an online sim...if you die you are dead. And thats why military aviators spend 50 hours a week doing that job. Who's got 50 hours a week to sim? Almost no one. Lock On is a compromise. There are definitely some things the devs can improve on. But how much difference would an advanced flight model for an F-15C really make a difference? 5% of the time? It's not worth it. Put the effort into making the SFM as close to realistic as practical, making the weapons as close to realistic as practical, and give us the chance to fly the best jets in the western and eastern world. We, the community, will make the scenarios and make it fun online. We'll airquake during the week and once every 2 months or so we'll do a Red Flag with some realistic scenarios. If you get sick of airquake, join a squad that trains weekly. This gives us all the flexibility to fly in the same game in a good differential of aircraft, and funds the devs to further develop the platforms they wish to (KA50, A-10). A single platform game (ala Janes F-18, and as you suggest, DCS A-10) will not satisfy everyone (I want to do air-air). At the end of the day, in the vain of fairness, in all my hours flying airquake online, I've only ever ONCE found a freaken KA-50. You guys fly too slow for our radars anyway. We need diversity in order to keep us all flying the same sim, so that we can pool our money into the devs coffers to build us all what we want in the future.
  14. I have an opinion that is going to be unpopular. In general when I'm flying and I know a noob has locked me I'll text him a warning. If he shoots I shoot back. Tough love people. I've often elected to just BFM the noob until he crashes. Identifying friend from foe is not hard and while time to time friendly fire happens accidently, you should get an immediate apology. If you don't, you can assume you've been griefed, and returning fire on a griefer is not a bannable occurrence on the 3Sqn server. Others will have different opinions.
  15. If I can't send it back I'd sell it to you at cost price, but it would be buyer beware! I would NOT recommend it.
  16. I've found it's a bit of a misnomer about the power bill. Your clothes dryer uses about 30x the electricity of a plasma TV per hour. Washing machines on hot water and dishwashers are about 10x. I've got a 60" Plasma and I was worried about the bill, it runs about 2 hours a day and I haven't noticed any difference.
  17. http://www.3sqn.com/forum/showthread.php?p=22158#post22158
  18. Thanks for the help Moa. That pristine one is a good idea, I'll do that in the near future. As for overclocking, yeah I am, I think it's pretty stable, Kuky and Tomace set it up for me and they are pretty switched on with that sort of stuff. PS - Just tried setting the clock back to standard, still having the same issue. Going to reinstall the integrity check download again...
  19. I think people need to grow a pair WRT the F-15 capabilities, however I also dislike flying F-15 vs F-15 for the sake of realism. I've often suggested F15's in a limited number on the one side. An example would be US and UKR on Blue vs Russia on Red, or US only on Blue, Russia on Red, but Blue is outnumbered. The 169th was doing both of these back in 2004 and had the flavor of game play right,so, buggers me why people have to have 15's vs 15's all the time (and still winge). In fact if I remember correctly, in 04 when I started flying online servers with Eagles on both sides were shunned! At the end of the day the Eagle is the more capable fighter BVR and I'm happy to be outnumbered as an Eagle, and likewise I'm happy to fight against them in a 29A and use tactics to try to get to the merge.
  20. Need some help here. I am running stock Lock On 2, no mods. I am getting repeated random integrity check fails on servers with integrity check on. An example, I was just flying in the 104th for about an hour, the game crashed and when I've tried to rejoin I am failing the integrity check. Other times I will fly on the 3sqn server or other servers fine, then come back the next day and the integrity check fails. Getting rather annoying. Anyone see any way to resolve this? Re-installing individual squadron integrity files does not always work, I am loath to do ANOTHER reinstall.
  21. .................that was the fix.... Track IR Z axis was assigned to one of the view commands, even though I don't have a TIR Z axis due to having a TIR 3 standard. I checked the F-15 file vs the Su27 file and that was the difference. You are a legend
  22. Yeah it should work, but it's a fresh install and only running TIR3, so no zoom. It's got me beat.
  23. I've recently had to reinstall lock on and lost all my keyboard and joystick settings. The interface for setting up keys is driving me nuts. I've spent hours trying to get my cockpit slow zoom in/out to work again. I've got it set up exactly the same on every jet ( Num/ = zoom out Num* = zoom in) but it only works in the Flanker... HELP! ED - Your new interface for setting up key binds leave much to be desired!
  24. It's mostly noobs flying around with ecm on so must. Better players only tend to use it once they can ascertain they've positively been shot at in order to try and break lock. Note that there is a 15sec warm up. Anyway, online you are coming up against some people much like yourself with little experience, and other people who've been flying for nearly 20 years....so you've got some catching up to do. here's some links to stuff you should read to get some ideas of what to do, don't expect to get good for a bit though. *note a lot of this stuff is Falcon 4 BVR, but the concepts are valid for Fc2* Some of it might be bulls*** but still has some terms you need to come to know. http://www.simhq.com/_air/air_042a.html http://www.papadoc.net/aunt_marys_guide_to_bvr.htm http://seawolves.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=176 http://www.freefalcon.com/forum/archive/index.php?t-10691.html
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