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  1. Glowing_Amraam wrote (taken from UBI FORUMS) Yes, all squads should join in on this one, it will be very fun. And then in the end, there will be a movie of the whole thing, which i think many of you will greatly enjoy. Sven above me here is very excited about this stuff, i just showed him my latest video, then we started talking about making some huge movie out of some huge online sessions. So sign up for this one.
  2. G'day On behalf of the 169th I'd like to invite you all to fly with us in a friendly squad match session. Lately, 169th has been flying with BSR, Iron Angels, EPN, and previously with a few JaBoG_32 members as well. We're very keen to do more of this, the flying scenarios being team vs team, one team defending an objective, and the other team attacking. It has been squad vs squad and also mixed, in just the last two days we've had BSR guys as flight leads and element leads with 169th flying wing, and vice versa. IT HAS BEEN REALLY COOL! BSR L()csta and myself, and a few others, have come up with some larger objective based missions for squads to fly against each other, for between 10 and 20 players. In addition, Glowing_Amraam has offered his superb talents to make a movie out of the matches!!! He and I are very excited about this prospect, as I am sure you are! What we need from the community is the following: - If you are interested, contact me: sven@169thpanthers.net - We are going to need someone to host the bigger missions. 169th currently can handle up to 10. If you can handle more and would like to host, let me know! You will also be the one to record the fight. - The track files from the battles will be sent to myself or Glowing_Amraam directly. - MOST IMPORTANTLY, to organise this effectively, we need a commitment of numbers, and a time to meet up in Hyperlobby and on a teamspeak server. There are a lot of squads out there, and I have spoken to some already. Let's try and get this cracking, it will be a LOT of fun, and we can learn a LOT of each other. So if you are interested, email me, sven@169thpanthers.net . Squads of all sizes and talents are welcome, suggestions and missions you've made welcome too. I CANT WAIT TO SEE what Glowing_Amraam can do with this sort of footage!!! Best Regards
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